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LOL! Michelle Singletary on School Fundraisers

By JLP | August 30, 2006

We just had our PTA/Goals Night meeting last night. The PTA President talked about our school’s Fall fundraiser: selling cookie dough. And, get this: the funds from this sale are going to go for a run/walk track! Isn’t that funny? Between two boys in school and Cub Scouts, I feel like all I ever do is sell stuff! So, I can definitely relate to how Michelle Singletary feels in her column School Fundraising? Phooey! She writes:

There is the ever-present gift-wrap fundraiser. Then there’s a silent auction, a fall book fair and a spring book fair. Entertainment books stuffed with coupons with very specific and often restricting guidelines to redeem them will be sent home for parents to sell.

I also liked this:

In my house, fundraising notices are placed in a special file — the trash can.

I agree! One would think that our property taxes would be enough to fund the school’s needs. One would be wrong. That doesn’t make me like fundraising any better!

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One Response to “LOL! Michelle Singletary on School Fundraisers”

  1. Spencer Hill Says:
    August 31st, 2006 at 12:12 am

    Great post. I feel the same way. Organizations (school, church, civic)should find unique profitable fundraisers that raise enough extra funds one time a year, instead of nickle & diming with cookie dough, pizza’s, junk, etc.