JLP Wants to Know…

I’m curious to know what blogs you read OUTSIDE of personal finance and investing. Here are my favorites (in no particular order):

Lifehacker – Interesting stuff related to life in general.

Jalopnik – How I keep up with what’s going on with cars.

Tom McMahon – Goofy, off-the-wall stuff. It’s a fun read.

Micro Persuasion – Always publishes cool marketing stuff.

ProBlogger – Lots of cool ideas related to blogging.

So, please leave a comment with a list of your 5 Favorite Blogs OUTSIDE the personal finance blogosphere. OTHER BLOGGERS: If you prefer to post your 5 favorites on your own blog, do so, and email me a link. I’ll add it to this post. Or, you can simply add your favorites below.

12 thoughts on “JLP Wants to Know…”

  1. I don’t really have 5 but one that a friend pointed me to recently was The Banterist: http://www.banterist.com/ His blogs on China were hilarous and I started reading just as he was heading home so only caught a couple (haven’t gone back to re-read the ones I missed yet).

  2. …and Single Ma thinks JLP is being nosey. LOL (just kiddin big brother!) *wavin* How ya doing?

    The non-PF blogs I read are in my blogroll, but the main 5 I check out for pure entertainment are:

    1. Cocoa Girl on the Job

    2. The World According to Supa Sister

    3. Crunk and Disorderly

    4. Thoughts of an Angry Black Man

    5. Letters to Famous People

    All of them are insightful and hee-la-ree-us!

  3. Hi JLP:

    I occasional browse the political blogs listed on Real Clear Politics, although as a libertarian I basically detest politics.

    All of you might enjoy (and are surely welcome to join in) the literature site founded by Chrees (Chrees’ WorldTired But Happy) known as Book Cents. Yours truly (from Financial PPage) also participates. We just finished a group read oof Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey and are currently breading Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby. Stop by and visit… and if you like join in.


  4. Dude. There’s no way I could possibly list everything I read. 🙂

    To make life easier, I constructed a personal start page for my wife and myself. But I also subscribe to a lot of feeds that aren’t listed here. (For example, you’ll note that there’s not a single pfblog on that start page; I get all my pfblogs via feed.)

    My top sites, though, would be:

    Ask Metafilter and its parent site
    A certain comic book message board
    Mac Rumors
    OR blogs (an aggregator of Oregon-based blogs
    World of Warcraft‘s home site

    These are the sites I checked, for example, when I had time to kill in San Francisco.

    But, really, I read a heck of a lot of sites.

  5. Looking at my bookmarks from the top, the first five are Instapundit, Captains Quarters, Power Line, Iowahawk, and Opinion Journal – WSJ. Guess you can tell where I am at politically.

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