How to… Personal Finance Edition

September 11, 2006

Hi and welcome to the “How to…” of Personal Finance. This is a community-wide effort and was arranged as a way to put all the “how to…” posts together in one place so that they are easy to access.

UPDATE: Be sure and bookmark this list and keep coming back because I will continue to add to it.

BLOGGERS: I sent out an email to my blogger friends asking for submissions. If for some reason you didn’t receive my email (some of them bounced) and you would like to submit something, please let me know and I’ll be happy to include it.

And now, here’s the list:


Understand Roth IRAs and 401(k)s:
The World’s Easiest Guide to Understanding Retirement Accounts

Title an Inherited IRA

Calculate the Return on a Fixed Immediate Annuity

Calculate Your “Number”

Simplify Your IRA


Negotiate a New Car Deal

Save on Car Insurance

Sell a Used Car

Extend the Life of Your Car

BANKING how to…

Link Additional Accounts to Emigrant Direct

Create ING Direct Subaccounts

Track CDs with Quicken

Build a CD Ladder

Compare Online Savings Accounts

BLOGGING how to…

Start a Blog

Build a Personal Finance Blog

Organize a Carnival


Stretch Your Dollar

Save 50% on Groceries

Get Free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Bid Intelligently at an Auction

Get Better Gas Mileage

Save 50% on Everything

Save $500 or More

Spend More Money Than You Make

Immediately Start Saving Money (10 Ways)

Immediately Start Saving Money (10 More Ways)

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Eat More Meals at Home

Save Money by Haggling

Budget Successfully

Use Fatwallet Cashback When Buying Online

Save Money Buying Textbooks Online


Read Your Good Faith Estimate

Write a Mortgage Gift Letter

Sell Your House in Five Days

CAREERS how to…

Get a Job by Asking for it

Ask for a Raise

Quit Your Job

Give Yourself a Raise

Acquire a Good Entry-Level Job

Get a Job Paying More Than $100,00


Get Out of Debt in 4 Steps

Opt-Out of Cedit Card Offers

Obtain Your Credit Report

Dispute Credit Report Errors

Get Out of Debt

Escape From Debt Hell

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Pay One Credit Card With Another Using MBNA Billpay

Calculate Your FICO Score

Play the 0% Interest Balance Transfer Game

Check Your Vantage Score


Prepare for Job Loss

Start an emergency fund


Calculate Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)

Compute the Remaining Balance on a Loan

Know the Difference Between Average and Geometric Average

Calculate the Cost of Waiting One Year

Plan for College – Part 1

Plan for College – Part 2

Plan for College – Part 3

Plan for College – Part 4

Plan for Future Goals

Understand the Time Value of Money

Calculate the Time Value of Money


Calculate How Much Life Insurance You Need


Find the Right Socially Responsible Investing Options for You

Design Your Asset Allocation

Calculate Your Personal Rate of Return

KIDS & MONEY how to…

Set Your Kid’s Allowance

Teach Kids About Personal Finance

Understand Money

LIFE how to…

Improve Happiness

Get Better Sleep

Make Life Easier


Find the Right Dog

Get Your Share of Billions of Dollars

Fill Out Forms for Fun and Profit

Save an Old PC Computer – Don’t Replace it, Upgrade it!

Tell if a CEO is Lying

Get Better Customer Service

Calculate Melt Value


Get Your Goals Right

TAXES how to…

Deduct Your Vacation

Calculate Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)

Organize Your Tax Records

Get Uncle Sam to Help Pay For Energy-Efficient Home Improvements


Major Travel Planning: A Five-Part Series

Save Money on Vacation

Choose a Frequent Flyer Program and Make the Most of It


Guide to Personal Finance Success! (What I Should Have Done)

Get a Guaranteed ROI – Organized Tax and Financial Records!

Make a Million

Boost Your Cash Flow in Two Easy Steps

Calculate Your Net Worth Part I

Calculate Your Net Worth Part II

Calculate Your Net Worth Part III

Calculate Your Net Worth Part IV

Net Worth Statement Part V

28 responses to How to… Personal Finance Edition

  1. Awesome collection of links! This was a great project. I really like the net worth calculation and plan for college articles.

  2. Great list! I might be here for days!!

    JLP, great site from all the blogs I’ve been reading on PF, yours is by far the best resource.

  3. Tim,



    Thanks, too. I don’t know about my blog being the best resource, as there are lots of excellent blogs out there. I appreciate the thought though!

  4. Thanks JLP! It’ll take me some time to get through this whole list.

  5. Here’s a HowTo I just published entitled “How To Teach Kids About Finance”:


  6. Great info! A must see for anyone looking to gain a hold on their finances.

  7. Here’s a new “how to” topic: How to Deal with Car Dealers. In a recent article I wrote, I suggest seven safeguards when dealing with car dealers:

    1. Get your financing first
    2. Check the calendar
    3. Don’t pay for what you don’t want
    4. Walk away if you feel pressured
    5. Research your warranty options
    6. Understand what you’re signing
    7. If life hands you a lemon, hand it back

    The details are in the full article, posted at—Seven-Safeguards&id=286149

  8. […] head over to AllFinancialMatters where JLP has created an ongoing post that has the answers to … many more personal finance “How do I …” questions. […]

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