Vanguard’s Jack Brennan With Advice for Graduates

I just read some pretty good advice from John Brennan, Chairman of Vanguard. He recently posted some advice for college graduates. No, there’s nothing “new” here. It is ALL COMMON SENSE. But, that doesn’t mean that people will actually heed the advice. It’s one thing to read it and quite another to actually do something about it. Anyway, his points are:

Live Below Your Means

Participate in the Markets

Invest Regularly

Get Knowledgeable

Nothing earth-shattering here. But, here’s the beauty in it all: we can ALL become wealthy if make the right choices.

One thought on “Vanguard’s Jack Brennan With Advice for Graduates”

  1. A great quote I read on common sense a while ago was this:

    The most common thing about common sense is how uncommon it is.

    It was from the book Think Big, Act Small.

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