Emails Like This Make Me Laugh

I have received quite a few emails recently that say basically the same thing that this email says:

Dear Webmaster,

My name is Deepamol, and I run the web site CashnetUSA:

I recently found your site and am very interested in exchanging links. I’ve gone ahead and posted a link to your site, on this page:

As you know, reciprocal linking benefits both of us by raising our search rankings and generating more traffic to both of our sites. Please post a link to my site as follows:

Title: CashnetUSA
Description: CashNetusa is the fastest way to obtain online Cash Advance and Payday Loans. Applying and qualifying for a CashNetusa payday loan is quick and easy, and in many cases there are no documents to fax. If you need a quick cash loan with the lowest fees, this is the place.

Once you’ve posted the link, let me know the URL of the page that it’s on, by entering it in this form:

You can also use that form to make changes to the text of the link to your site, if you’d like.

Thank you very much,


I don’t ever respond to these emails but if I did, I would say, “no thanks.”

6 thoughts on “Emails Like This Make Me Laugh”

  1. You have got to wonder exactly how MUCh this guy read your site before deciding that you would be interested in the crap he’s peddling.

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