Now For My Favorite Commercials…

After I posted about how I hated the Yoplait commercial, I got to thinking about it. I’m NOT SUPPOSED to like that commercial. In fact, I bet there aren’t too many men who like that commercial (for the record, my wife HATES that commercial too!). There’s even a forum thread dedicated to the commercial over at Commercials I Hate. I’m of the opinion that ANY commercial dedicated solely to targeting women will be hated by men. I’m trying to think of one now and I’m coming up blank.

Anyway, for me to like a commercial it has to have one main ingredient:

HUMOR! I like commercials that entertain me. Commercials like:

1. The Miller Lite Man Laws commercials. My wife thinks I’m nuts to admit that I like those commercials. Say what you will, but those commercials ARE HILARIOUS! My personal favorite is the “No Fruit in Beer” commercial. And yes, sadly, this is the type of stuff men think about.

2. The Capital One Guardian Angels commercials. I like this one. I also liked the ones with David Spade and tubby.

3. Jack in the Box commercials. Pretty much all of them. There’s a few on YouTube.


4. Oh and me must not forget this radio classic.

No, there’s nothing intelligent here and some of my readers will be disappointed to learn that I am such a simple man. LOL!

What are your favorites? Leave a comment along with a link to your favorite (if a link exists).

5 thoughts on “Now For My Favorite Commercials…”

  1. Well, this isn’t a current commercial, and some were not even aired as commercials, but the Terry Tate Office Linebacker Reebok series. I believe they had one originally as a Super Bowl commercial quite a few years ago, and there were many short films in the series that followed.

    They all crack me up. Youtube will yield plenty of entertaining examples.

  2. I agree with the Jack in the Box commercials, especially the parody of COPS one.

    Not on TV, but some of the Bud Light radio commercials are funny also.

  3. The Man Law No Fruit in Beer is an amazing dig at competitors (Corona) without really having to come out and bash them (I think they looked like morons when comparing Miller Lite to Bud Lite).

  4. Hmmm… I looked at those commercials, didn’t really see anything funny. Maybe it’s an American thing, I never quite got American humor. But I agree that funny commercials are the best ones. Second to funny commercials are “cool” commercials.

    The worst kind of commercials are the ones that prey on your fear in order to manipulate you.

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