Blog of the Week – No. 64

The 64th Blog of the Week selection is Well-Heeled, a personal finance blog written by a soon-to-be-college-graduate woman who happens to love shoes (hence the name “Well-Heeled”). Her blog is her personal financial education journal and the world is welcome to read along as she learns to manage her money. I commend her for thinking about this stuff NOW while she has the opportunity to make the right decisions. I hope readers of this blog will be an encouragement for her. Now go check out her blog.

MusicMatch SUCKS!

I got some new Creative Speakers for my computer. I love them! The sound these little speakers put out is pretty amazing, especially when you consider that they only cost about $80! I have been spending a lot of time building up my music library on my computer. To organize and play my music, I have always used MusicMatch. I like MusicMatch’s filing and organization system. The one thing I don’t like about it is their software SUCKS! It locks up ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME and renders my computer useless unless I do a manual reboot. I actually have to hold the on/off switch down in order to turn the computer off because the MusicMatch software won’t allow me to do a standard reboot.

I have tried using Windows Media Center but I HATE IT! It is too dumbed down or something. I absolutely hate it. I have also tried Windows Media Player but I don’t like the way it is set up. Sure, it’s cute with all the artist photographs and such but it makes navigating through the software a real pain.

What do you guys use for playing/organizing your music? I want a good program that will allow me to organize my stuff and play it efficiently WITHOUT messing up my computer.

Any suggestions?

Retirement Portfolio Update

Here’s how the Retirement Portfolio has performed so far this year:

Retirement Portfolio Update 12/28/2006

One important thing to note is the difference in fee structure. I reduced the amount of fees that I would charge on this sort of portfolio. The new total fee is now .62% (FOLIOfn fee of .27% and a management fee of .35%). The net return on the retirement portfolio for 2006 is 12.90%. Not too shabby. This compares with a 5.23% net return for 2005. Once 2006 has closed out, I’ll update the portfolio for 2007 using the final 2006 numbers.

For more information on this portfolio, check out these posts:

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Sorry For The Lack of Blogging This Week

The entire family has been home this week, which is nice but makes it hard to blog. I should be back to regular blogging next week. Meanwhile, check out my archives. I have a lot of good stuff that might interest you. You can browse via my categories or you can browse by month. One of these days I’ll make a list of the what I consider to be my best posts.

Take care,