What Are Your Goals for 2007?

This week I’m going to be thinking about what goals I want to accomplish in 2007. I’ll be posting them later this week.

What goals are you setting for yourself for 2007?

Do you feel like sharing them? If so, leave a comment. Then, this time next year, we’ll look to see if we accomplished any of them. Come on! It’ll be fun.

18 thoughts on “What Are Your Goals for 2007?”

  1. We’ve been talking about this on my blog also.

    If you don’t have any goals, you’ll never reach them.

    If you plan nothing for 2007, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

    With the “Million Dollar Savings Club”, we’re planning to have $2,500 in savings this time next year!

    – Bryan

  2. I have three goals for 2007.

    1. Pay off my credit cards and keep them that way.
    2. Build up a savings account equal to one month’s pay.
    3. Pay no fees. (I don’t think this one will work, but I’m going to try like heck to keep it.)

  3. Well, given that I retired in 2006 after thirty years with the same employer, my goal for 2007 would be to maintain a lifestyle I can live with that won’t make me regret my decision!

  4. So far, here are my goals:
    1. Give to charity (or an individual in need) every month. Incorporate this into my budget.
    2. Pay off my credit card debt. ($11,999 as of today)
    3. Since I spend a lot of money on food, grocery shop (and stick to a list) once a week, and use a set amount of cash for eating out.
    4. Don’t obsess so much about money! 🙂

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  6. I’m still slicing and dicing my newly available savings flow, and trying to figure out how the whole pie should be divvied up. But it’s all about the saving this year:

    1. Secondary e-fund “oops” fund
    2. Roth IRA for 2006 & 2007
    3. Several Misc. goals like parents’ retirement, wedding, etc.

  7. I think my goals are almost identical to Chris’.

    1. Max out 401K and IRA contributions
    2. Invest wisely
    3. Spend less money dining out (Stick to budget)

  8. My primary goal every year is a target for growth in my net worth. All the rest are based either on how to get there, or how to enjoy the other things I want out of life without missing that target. My goal for 2006 was 15% growth. It’s looking like I’ll hit 17%. I’m trying for the same in 2007.

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  11. 1) My target for 2006(is to have my money earn equal to my House rent) was reached. Now I want to gain my cash flow equal to my montly expenditure(which $2000/month) which means, to my money should earn $24,000 in the year 2007.
    2) To buy One million dollars life insurance coverage(30 years gauranteed).
    3)To distribute my investments as Take 50%, invest in 0% risk, Take 30% and invest in 60% risk, Take the remaining 20% and invest in 80% risk, as I invested 100% with 0% risk this year.
    4) Plan for retirement.
    5) To get my wife back to work..
    🙂 bless me Jesus… 🙂

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