Retirement Portfolio Update

Here’s how the Retirement Portfolio has performed so far this year:

Retirement Portfolio Update 12/28/2006

One important thing to note is the difference in fee structure. I reduced the amount of fees that I would charge on this sort of portfolio. The new total fee is now .62% (FOLIOfn fee of .27% and a management fee of .35%). The net return on the retirement portfolio for 2006 is 12.90%. Not too shabby. This compares with a 5.23% net return for 2005. Once 2006 has closed out, I’ll update the portfolio for 2007 using the final 2006 numbers.

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8 thoughts on “Retirement Portfolio Update”

  1. Congrats on your return and your $1 million+ portfolio. I can’t wait til I get there. One step at a time, right? 😉 But seriously, it’s a great motivator to see people who’ve done it and know that it’s possible for me.

  2. If I am reading it correctly, this portfolio underperformed SPY in everything but costs for CY06. Sometimes, simpler is better.

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