MusicMatch SUCKS!

I got some new Creative Speakers for my computer. I love them! The sound these little speakers put out is pretty amazing, especially when you consider that they only cost about $80! I have been spending a lot of time building up my music library on my computer. To organize and play my music, I have always used MusicMatch. I like MusicMatch’s filing and organization system. The one thing I don’t like about it is their software SUCKS! It locks up ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME and renders my computer useless unless I do a manual reboot. I actually have to hold the on/off switch down in order to turn the computer off because the MusicMatch software won’t allow me to do a standard reboot.

I have tried using Windows Media Center but I HATE IT! It is too dumbed down or something. I absolutely hate it. I have also tried Windows Media Player but I don’t like the way it is set up. Sure, it’s cute with all the artist photographs and such but it makes navigating through the software a real pain.

What do you guys use for playing/organizing your music? I want a good program that will allow me to organize my stuff and play it efficiently WITHOUT messing up my computer.

Any suggestions?

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  1. iTunes — always. It works wonderful. You don’t even have to have an ipod or like apple. But it really is delightful. And its free… no information needed by apple by going to and making sure to uncheck the boxes (so you dont have to provide your info).

    😀 Cheers.

  2. I use Windows Media Player… just minimize it and it doesn’t bother me. Works fine. I use iTunes for synching to the iPod, and for downloading podcasts, but that’s it. You seem to carry a lot of hate, JLP. It’s just software. 🙂

    I’ve been known to use WinAmp since its beginning, but I decided to not bother installing it on the new computer.

  3. And I meant to finish with…

    …but I switched to iTunes three or four years ago, and I will never go back. iTunes organizes all my music, and though the program can be a little slow on my computer sometimes (that could just be my computer), it plays music beautifully. It’s free for download on apple’s website!

  4. On Windows, I have always used WinAmp, manipulated and navigated the folder structure by hand, and ripped CD’s with CDex extraction software.

    On my Mac (which I now use almost exclusively) I use iTunes. But whenever I use my PC, I still like the simplicity of WinAmp.

  5. iTunes – true – a little slow, but it works great. And when you put in a CD while online, it’ll go out and get the track information. I like it…

  6. Winamp. Use the Classic Skin (ugly, but easier on system resources). A little setup is required once the app is installed (setting your watch folders, scanning for tunes). I’ve used it for years with very few problems.

  7. Having used many other applications, including WinAmp and MusicMatch, I found iTunes a big change for the better. Everything was easy, simple to use, and it dosn’t muck up my file arrangments I already have (but you have to tell not to do that, otherwise it arranges thing on disk).

    Admitily, there are a few things it can do better, but they work arounds are minor and feel natural to the program. It also has a farily good price of free, even if it does come with quicktime.

  8. I have been using WinAmp since it was released and I really like it. I don’t like iTunes for anything other than synching my iPod. iTunes wants to take over your computer. WinAmp has a ton of addons that makes it a nice, customizable program.

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