This Is My FINAL Post

December 31, 2006

After much contemplation and debate with myself, I have decided to quit blogging for the rest of this year.

17 responses to This Is My FINAL Post

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 🙂

  2. Hope you are enjoying your (approx.) 10 hours off.

  3. Slacker! Idle hands…

  4. Hah! you almost got me!

  5. I’ll admit, I had a slight heart attack, before I realized you wrote that on December 31st.

  6. haha you had me for a moment…wish you a very happy new year…God bless.

  7. Heh, nearly got me… nearly.

  8. What a clown! I had to think twice about it but that might be because I was up until 4 this morning. Happy New Year!!

  9. Very Good, I will not post or read again in 2006 in showing solidarity for you.

  10. LOL You are so bad. Happy New Year!!

  11. Nice Joke! Happy New Year! it is time for you to start blogging again 🙂

  12. For a minute, I said to myself, “Oh, no”. Have a great 2007.

  13. I am not agree with you guy.You shouldn’t do this.Please start blogging again.

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