JLP’s Weekly Roundup XL

A look at Nickel’s Estate Plan.

Moving From the Classroom to the Real World.

Does Cynicism Have a Place in Your Portfolio?

Jim’s House Appreciated $44,000!

Flexo’s Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

Do you understand the Sharpe Ratio?

English Major started her 401(k). That’s AWESOME NEWS!

Binary Dollar hosts this week’s Carnival of Investing.

Blogging Away Debt looks at Survival Debt.

Congrats to Kay and her husband on their 25th Anniversary.

Ricemutt analyzes her blog’s earnings.

Smarty wants your help on deciding on a CD Strategy.

Is this the proper way to use Prosper? LOL! Leave it Michael to blog about boobs!

Jonathan looks at Dollar-Cost Averaging.

and so does…

The Sun’s Financial Diary.

Picking up Nickels talks about grocery store inflation. There’s no doubt in my mind that prices are going up.

Well-Heeled wants to know whether or not she should tell her friends about her blog. Thoughts?

Finally, last but certainly not least…

Amanda has some advice on getting ready to file taxes.

After putting this post together, I discovered a flaw in my method. In case you haven’t noticed, these posts are generally listed in alphabetical order according to the blog’s title. That’s not really fair for blogs like Amanda’s that begin with the letter “Y.” So, I’ll try to alternate methods each week. So, Amanda, the last will sometimes be first!

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