JLP’s Weekly Roundup XL

Want to Get Rich? Get In Shape!

Nickel covers Ten Step to Simplify Your Finances from Consumer Reports.

MBH’s thoughts on Dollar-Cost Averaging.

Flexo looks at U.S. News & World Report’s Annual Investing Guide.

Jim: Don’t Just Buy Index Funds!

Amanda with some good advice on Cutting TV Costs.

We’re in Debt talks about 5 Great Personal Finance Blogs – this blog is one of them!

Sun looks at a different way to invest his 401(k).

Cap on Financial Gurus – funny stuff!

Single Mom looks at Seven Careers With Six-Figure Salary Potential.

SavvySaver and her husband are landlords.

Russell compares the Roth 403(b) with the Traditional 403(b).

PennyFoolish is Eatin’ Fancy on the Cheap!

What does it mean to Win in the Margins?

5 Rules for Investing.

MakingOurWay on how Asset Allocation and Diversification Can Increase Your Returns.

Growing Money has a new blog! He also has written an interesting post titled Money 101.

Why Hire a Tax Professional?

J. D. on how a Fitness Coach Whipped Him Into Shape!

Frank with a Way to Pay for College.

How to Buy Savings Bonds.

The Digerati Life on 22 Outrageous Ways to Save – Part 2.

The Financial Impact of Pets.