JLP’s Weekly Roundup XL

“XL” stands for Extra-Large

A former insurance agent says there’s NO WAY that permanent insurance is better than buying term and investing the difference. I already knew this but it’s nice to hear from someone who actually sold insurance.

It looks like retail employees are being replaced by vending machines. Somehow I don’t see this as having a big effect on retail in general.

Flexo’s not too happy with his TIAA-CREF SEP IRA. I lost my enthusiasm for TIAA-CREF when they hired a CEO from one of the big full-service brokers and he decided that they needed to start charging 12b-1 fees.

Jim rolled his 401(k) over to Vanguard.

Nickel highlights the most common financial New Year’s resolutions. I wonder how many of them have already been broken?

The Consumerist details Autozone’s sneaky rebate offer.

Not Confucious wonders aloud: “I thought indexing was supposed to be easy?” It can be as easy or as difficult as you make it.

Ramit details how his friend spends $21,000 per year on going out! Holy Smokes! That’s a lot of money! And I was lamenting the fact that my wife and I blew our eating out budget last year by $1,200!

Him and Her celebrate reaching a milestone in their quest to become debt-free. This is AWESOME news!

Making Our Way on making the best of the worst. 60 basis points for an S&P 500 index fund? Surely thou jest! I guess this is how Merrill Lynch could afford to pay their CEO $48 million last year.

The Tao of Making Money hosts this week’s Festival of Under 30 Finances

LOL! Ms. MiniDucky reminds us to only pay our bills while we are AWAKE! Ahh,… I’ve been burned by this before. I decided to build up a big enough cushion in the checking account so that this kind of accident wouldn’t happen again.

Jonathan on asset allocation. Thems some purdy pie charts!

Tim says that students need financial education. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree!!!!!!

Russell details a study that says that American households will start consolidating their finances with one advisor. Let’s just hope they choose the right advisor!

Here’s something cool from The Sun’s Financial Diary: Teaching kids about money with an electronic money jar. What kid wouldn’t love that?

Amanda asks: “Do you know you’re DTI?Kinda sounds like a telephone company advertisement doesn’t it?

The 100 by 30 Project has a post about job interview mistakes. Good stuff to know.

A Financial Revolution on creating a fixed income ladder.

An English Major’s Money has some frugal hair care tips.

Blunt Money heard something at the mall. All I can say is “wow!”

The Digerati Life: Stop Overspending Now! Ya got that?

eFIPO with the dumbest money moves of 2007.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Experiments in Finance.

The Finance Buff is simplifying his finances.

And, last but not least…

THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN OFTEN: A personal finance blogger (Generation X Finance) fully agrees with something Kiyosaki has written. Hell must have frozen over!!

HOLY COW! I just realized that I essentially put a carnival together! Have fun reading these!

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