Take This Risk Tolerance Quiz

Here’s your assignment for today:

Take this risk tolerance quiz and report back here with your score. NOTE: If the website doesn’t load the first time, try again.

I scored and 87 which doesn’t surprise me at all. An 87 puts me in “Above-Average Risk Tolerance” category:

Individuals scoring in the upper end of this range have significantly greater tolerance than those at the lower end, but people in both situations should put stocks and stock funds at the core of their portfolios.

22 thoughts on “Take This Risk Tolerance Quiz”

  1. I scored a 75, so that puts me in the above-average risk tolerance category, too–but just barely.

    I did not like the last question about investment philosophy. I’m an indexer, and none of the answers really fit me.

  2. Yeah, you both raised an important point: none of these questionniares are perfect and the results should be taken lightly.

  3. I scored a 61, but I don’t think the test questions were always relevant. For instance #14, I would have no problem betting $10,000 for a $50,000 payoff as $10,000 is a minor amount in my portfolio. I would have been more conservative if the choice was to invest $500,000.

  4. I scored 60, it is fairly accurate for me considering the amount of fund available to me right now, but I think I will be willing to take much more risks if I earned the money myself.

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