UPS “Mail Innovations” – What the?…

January 31, 2007

Lately I have noticed that some of the stuff I order online that was normally shipped with UPS is now being shipped via “UPS Mail Innovations.” I don’t see anything “innovative” about this program:

UPS Mail Innovations

So, UPS picks up the package from the merchant and then hands it off to USPS for delivery. Wow! That is innovative.

My complaint: it takes longer to get my orders.

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  1. I can’t believe they couldn’t find room or time in there to hand it off to fed-ex also. Just looking at the logistical flow chart you should know it is going to be a disaster.

  2. I don’t like this one bit USPS only knows how to lose my stuff and I honestly don’t like using USPS for anything anymore. I have no choice but to get my package through this since it’s a Windows 7 Upgrade and well I had packages stolen that was delivered by USPS. Looks like I will be using Fed-Ex from now on.

  3. Purchased jewelry online at Minal Jewelry who offers awesome QVC jewelry at discounted prices. Paid $5.95 for shipping. All orders from ebay using USPS have take at the most a week to arrive. However the seller using USP Innovations to get a bulk rate shipping price, shipped my item 3 days after purchase, and now 16 days later it is sitting someplace in USPS. This service, while great for sellers is infuriating for buyers. Can anyone say “negative feedback.”

  4. i purchased a wii game for my daughter from on the 3rd of dec. i’ve checked the tracking on it on and it says its in usps in mcallen thats 20 minutes away …they told me i would receive it on dec 11 … i guess my daughter wont be getting her xmas present on time..

  5. NextRx recently started using UPSMI to handle their drug shipments. I’ve asked them to stop doing this, because drugs are often perishable, and they aren’t saving any money when their call centers are swamped with customers asking where their meds are. I’ve found UPSMI takes about 5-10 times longer than it would take to have the USPS send a package. And the tracker number they give you is useless because the website often says no information is available yet (even days after you finally get your package). It’s a total joke.

  6. Wow. I’m glad I found this website to find others with complaints. Until now, I though I was the only one. It took me forever to figure out why my 1st package came with a USPS sticker (after paying for UPS). Then I had 2 more packages arrive under the same circumstances. Yes all packages took FOREVER. But here’s my beef: I live in the county and my mailbox is on the road where anyone could just drive by and grab a pkg from my mailbox. That is why I chose UPS (for door delivery and pkg security)
    After learning about UPS MI here I went back to the original websites where I purchased each of the 3 different products. There was no offer of UPS MI. I was duped X 3.
    I am calling my local media and seeing if they’d like to do a story on UPS Brown (Sh*T)

  7. Here is a great on about this B.S.!!!
    I ordered a laptop battery and I live in NY, the battery is coming from NJ…it was sent out on the 22nd of February….it then was switched over to usps a few days later in Whiteplains, NY….. which is about 20 miles from my house!!! It went back to NJ to a sorting facility!!! Now it is in transit again from NJ….so it went from NJ to NY and then back to NJ to go to NY!?!?!?!?!?!? FU@$ UPS MI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I ordered a Mp4 player from ebay. The guy said his average shipping time to me was 2-3 business days. I ordered from him because I didn’t want to wait the overseas shipping time. Come to find out he uses this crap of a service UPSMI. It’s been sitting in a facility for days. UPSMI is not innovative for the customers at all. It’s the absolute worst shipping service for customers ever!

  9. I’m guessing it’s an attempt at giving everybody a job, or something. because it truly SUCKS!
    I got a bunch of stuff at on march2nd and had it sent to my girlfriend’s so she could send it to me(i’m from Peru), they are using UPS-MI and I’m still waiting for some of my items! in that case, I’d go and manufacture the god damn thing myself. They take ages to update, like Melissa said, the items just sit there for days without any update.
    It completely sucks. UPS can certainly do without this service.

  10. UPS MI and DHL@home are both discount delivery services. A compromise between full delivery by the expensive carrier and cheaper first class mail.

    I’ve mostly just encountered it through online orders with “free shipping” makes sense that companies like Amazon or Newegg would use these cheaper services so they can increase sales with FREE shipping, and it costs them less than say giving away regular UPS shipping free.

  11. The only available tracking information for my order (shipped via UPS-MI) shows that the package went from a sorting facility in Ohio to one in Utah… Which is all fine and good, except, I live in Denver – as in, between Ohio and Utah! Surely there is some kind of logical explanation as to why they would ship a package almost 600 miles (or 1200 round trip) further-away than the destination? So far, it has been exactly 7 days since I placed my order.. We’ll see when I get it – they’re probably planning on sending it to Florida for a day or two before moving it on to Denver.

  12. I can’t believe this!!! I just figured out that my order is being shipped via UPS mail innovations and have been reading all htese comments abt how it sucks. It this just great a package that was supposd to take three days to get here will end up being one, two, or three weeks be for it will actually get here.

  13. No Innovation in New York April 20, 2010 at 10:04 am

    In New York, you’ll watch a package just sit somewhere for days or go all around the city before it gets to you. Packages originating just 10 miles from my office take up to 7-10 full business days, minimum, before they arrive. EVEN THE USPS delivers far more quickly. The UPS pickup adds virtually a full week to the delivery time. I’ll call this UPS “when I have time to ship your package” service. If I can save $2 that’s great but not when there is practically a change of seasons from the time of order to the time of deliver.

  14. Hi everyone, I work at a UPS Mail Innovations location, and the things that we have to do with the mail is not under our control. For one most of these places are temp services although I have been there for almost a year. We are very understaffed. We are not even trained on how things flow in the warehouse. We do have a time limit to get the mail out, but sometimes the trucks are really late, and it takes longer for us to sort the mail. We get a lot of mail to presort and cell sort on a regular basics. Once we bag them up, it is totally out of our control on how long the mail takes to get delivered. I know that this is very cost effiencent for the USPS workers because once they get the mail we have sorted out, it is already tagged and labeled so they don’t really have to do anything but put it where it goes.

  15. I just ordered a ps3 game from walmart and found out they are using UPSMI. So I look it up since I’ve never heard of this service, and I find this devestating post. I am in rage right now about to go completely berserk at how this company could give such garbage shipping service. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to me that has happened to all of you, but that would probably require a miracle. I wish the piece of SHIT boss that thought of UPSMI falls in a god dam ditch and bleeds to his jubilant DEATH!!!!

  16. Yea, um. So I ordered a case for my iPad, and it got shipped through this service. Never heard of it before, usually stuff I buy goes through UPS or USPS, which I never had a problem with before. But this is the slowest shipping I’ve ever had. THis thing doesn’t even weight half a pound! (The package) It’s been sitting in San Leandro for the last 2 days, and it hasn’t moved. This is BS! It shipped from a place FIVE hours from my house, and 6 days later, it still isn’t here. I mean, c’mon. I’ve had packages shipped via usps from 9 hours away, and it came in ONE day. USPS-MI = BS.

  17. Oh my gosh, this is so disheartening. I was so excited and happy that it would be coming soon. I rarely ship anything with UPS, and I am always incredibly satisfied with just USPS, as far as speed. It seems like they added two things together that we’re fine on their own, and just decided to make them both suck! This sucks! My package was in atlanta for two days, then it was in austin, tx for a day. And then FINALLY it made it to the “north” houston post office on the ninth, which was two days ago, AND I LIVE IN SOUTHWEST HOUSTON!!! I am flabberghasted at the fact that it is literally within a drive for me, and still nothing! I’m going to be making a call if I don’t get this tomorrow, this is such bullshit.

  18. I just found out that an order that I placed with build a sign was shipped UPSMI. I had paid the extra money to have it rushed. Guess that won’t be happening. The worst part is I probably won’t ever get it. I do not get us mail at my physical address but the company I ordered from would not let me use a PO Box because UPS won’t ship to it. What a mess! Next time I will be calling to verify shipping information before placing any more orders. I have always trusted UPS deliveries to get to my house. I guess I can’t anymore. What are they thinking? Piss off their loyal customers so that FedEx can get them????

  19. some of the mp4 players i own are made in China, they are good too.;`”

  20. I have had the unfortunate experience of now dealing with UPSMI also!!! I placed an order with vitacost and paid for UPS shipping because I like to be able to track my packages. I saw it had come into my town and expected the next days tracking to say “out for delivery”. Well, the next day it said “tendered to local post office”!!! I was like WTF?!?! Now, I was unable to track what was going on and had no idea when it would be delivered. It sat there for 4 days before getting to me even though it was 2 minutes from my residence!

    I will be VERY careful in the future to make sure that UPSMI is NOT the service a company really uses when they say UPS! We order UPS for a reason!!! We also do NOT use USPS for a reason!!! When I pay for a certain service, I expect to get that exact service from the company I ordered it from!!!

    Thank God my package isn’t still sitting there as apparently some people’s are. Unreal! I can’t believe some of you poor people have been waiting for 20+ days. Unfrickin-believable! Mail would’ve gotten there sooner if it was still delivered by HORSES!

  21. Christopher Vazquez June 20, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    I ordered a Meyer Mouthpiece 6 mouthpiece from Woodwind&Brasswind on the 6/2/10 it is now 6/20/10. It’s been 18 days! I sold a C* S80 mouthpiece and a Eddie Daniels II ligature on Ebay and shipped a WEEK later. They received it before I did! It’s taking too damn long. It was shipped from Kansas to Rancho Cucamonga Ca. I live in Chino Ca. It’s the next city up. The cities are connected. Instead of UPS just shipping it straight to my house they decided to give it to USPS in Industry Ca. a half hour away from Chino. It’s been there since the fifth. I can’t believe these companies haven’t stopped using this service. It just shows corporate greed at it’s finest. Save $10,000/year on shipping and get lower customer satisfaction.

  22. Oboy. I assumed my packages were going to be delivered via UPS or USPS as that is how QVC ALWAYS ships their items. I ordered a shirt from QVC. This shirt was being offered FREE SHIPPING which I always LOVE it when they do that.They rarely give you FREE SHIPPING on an item. So waiting for it to finally get shipped, that is when I saw that it was being shipped via “UPS-USPS-MI” I had no idea what that was. I didn’t look it up, figuring it just must be UPS and that it would get here soon. When the shirt finally got shipped, I ordered the same shirt in a different color..also with free shipping, and still didn’t know what MI was. I SHOULD have checked it out but when this shirt sat around without being shipped, I finally looked it up just NOW and saw all these comments about it. The second shirt just NOW got “shipped” through the same thing…USP-USPS-MI. It is very confusing as I wasn’t sure if my package was coming through UPS or USPS. I’ve never had any trouble with either of those services by themselves..and QVC packages ALWAYS arrive a few days BEFORE their EDD..but not this time it appears. I am doubting that I will get my first shirt by tomorrow as the EDD says. But when you call to complain, QVC always says it is only an “estimated delivery date”, which once the package leaves their facility, they have no control over it. So this new service is bouncing packages from UPS to USPS to the consumer, and by the time I GET the FIRST shirt I ordered, I’m afraid I’ll be dead and gone. I’m only 58 but at the rate these packages are taking to get to their destinations, it makes you wonder. QVC always shipped either USPS OR UPS. This is the reason they shipped it FREE…this new so called “service” is a lot CHEAPER. But,it took an unusually LONG time for the shirt to actually get SHIPPED. I ordered it the first one on the 24th, a label was printed on the 24th, but it was not shipped out till the 28th. My EDD is tomorrow…July 2nd. But after reading all these comments, I’m wondering when and IF I will get it.

  23. ADDENDUM: I can’t even TRACK the shirts I ordered as there is NO TRACKING NUMBER. So this is really doubly frustrating as I always track my packages if they give you a tracking number. QVC always gives you one for either UPS or USPS…but not for THIS UPS-USPS-MI garbage!

  24. ADDENDUM-2: As stated in my previous posts, my shirt was supposed to arrive TODAY. I really did not expect it to after reading all of these comments, HOWEVER, when I went out to my mailbox just now, lo and behold…it was THERE! DAMN! I guess I am one of the very few lucky ones and I really do feel badly for all of the others in this forum who are still waiting weeks after their package was supposed to come and for those who may never get their items.
    Also as stated in my previous posts, I went and ordered the same shirt in another color as I really love this shirt. That EDD is supposed to be July 7th. So if I actually get it on that day, I will really be thrilled! Then, early this AM, I looked at the item again at QVC and decided to get it in the last remaining color they offer…and went and ordered yet another of the same shirt, lol. So I will have this lovely shirt in blue, red and now green. In case anyone is interested in seeing this shirt, just go to and type in item #A89342. This is advertised as a jacket/big shirt but it is actually more of a shirt.
    Of interest though is what I noticed on the packing slip regarding shipping method.
    It does NOT say “STD Mail-UPS MI”. All it says is: USPS! So now I can’t help but wonder if the reason I got it on time is because maybe they did not actually SHIP it via this MI crap? Why else would I be the only one to get my item when it was promised? I’m wondering if they maybe did use this MI crap at one time and had so many complaints that they quit using them and went back to their USPS or UPS method. Why else would the packing slip just say “USPS”? And maybe they just haven’t updated their website yet to show it is shipped through USPS. I don’t know…just guessing here. In any case, it is obvious that this STD Mail-UPS MI is a bunch of garbage and hopefully, ALL companies will eventually QUIT using them…let us pray…

  25. I read ALL of these stories and was taken aback in horror. I thought, “OMG, my new super-awesome swimsuit isn’t going to be here until christmas.”(Its 7/6 today) But i was wrong. If i HAD ordered it before last monday, the package would have been here in time for my beach vacation this past weekend. But oh well, it was not.
    ANYWAY, I ordered a package last monday, it was shipped UPS MI. I received it in 4-7 days as promised. So, while i will never order something from somewhere that ships UPS MI again to try and avoid a horror story, IF YOU HAVE ORDERED something shipping UPS MI, do not be frightened, it could arrive on time. Mine did, in an undamaged package

  26. Well. I guess I am very lucky after all. The second shirt I ordered came one day BEFORE it was supposed to get here. I received it on the 6th instead of the 7th. Then the 3rd shirt I ordered was not supposed to arrive until the 12th. I was totally unprepared and gobsmacked when I went out to my mailbox today..(July 9th) and found my 3rd shirt from QVC!!! Three days before it was due! DAMN! Even though the majority here have horror stories, it appears that I and the previous poster “Ley” are 2 of the lucky ones. I don’t know why so many are having such trouble receiving their packages and I will hope and pray and cross fingers and toes that you all will receive your packages soon. Even though I got lucky 3 times in a row, I went and ordered a handbag from QVC today…gorgeous convertible leather bag…but since it is still “in process”, I don’t know how they plan to ship it. I am hoping they will ship it via USPS or UPS as those have both been very reliable for me, and as much as I am hesitant to admit it, UPS-USPS-MI has also been very reliable for me. But I am thinking that maybe a deeper investigation as to why so many others have not received their items is in order here. Why would a handful of people get their items not only on time but even early with this MI method, yet so many others still waiting weeks, and even months for their items to arrive? Some apparently are not going to ever get their items. This doesn’t make any sense at all. There has to be a common denominator somewhere as to why such a wide variance exists in packages arriving at and NOT arriving at their destinations. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  27. I didn’t realise until I did a bit of digging and about 5 emails to this place but they are using this stupid UPS MI as well.3 weeks waiting for a bag of fuking q-tips. Never order from americaRX on amazon, bunch of scumbags, and overcharge for shipping too.

  28. The stuff I ordered showed up promptly but, thanks to this boatload of stories I will be mindful of ordering anything if the shipper is going to be UPS MI.

    On a second note, Mike (post 77) – You order q-tips online??? Now I have heard it all.

  29. i am looking for a really inexpensive mp4 player, which one do you suggest?:-,

  30. Bryan — I suggest anything by Creative labs. They have great MP3&MP4 players. Also Sandisk, but Creative is better.

  31. UPS MI rocks. This is exactly how your government health care will be ran. Enjoy!

  32. I understand why they did this, to save money not making direct deliveries to homes. YES this makes it take longer, an extra day at least, but i do live 3 miles from my post office and I watch the tracing then go pick it up when they deliver it to the post office.

    Do I like it, no, do I want it, no, do I understand it, yes, can I get around it, yes. But they are what so many want in the US they are privatized, UPS can do what they want to do. If it says anything its that they are saving money using USPS and USPS must be doing something right. FedEx will be next.

  33. I ordered a video game and 2 other things from on 10-28. The shipping was the normal 97 cents, and since I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them, I thought nothing of it. My confirmation email said shipping via Fedex. This normally means a turnaround of 4 days max, with Fedex shifting my order onto usps, then into my mailbox. I attemted to track the package with the tracking number provided to me, but it kept saying ‘does not exist’. On 11-02 I tried the other tracking number, as my order was shipped separately. I an redirected to this UPS MI thing, and my package is lost somewhere between California and Atlanta GA. It’s been a week so far since I placed this order, and my postman will sometimes deliver to the wrong address so I wonder if my a**hat neighbor ended up with my 60 dollar video game. I will promptly cancel any order from now on if the shipping is through this mail innovations service. This is baaaad business, and one would think that in this economy companies would try to find a balance between cost saving and customer satisfaction. Ok, I’ve stopped laughing now, and would like answers. UPS Mail Innovations sucks!

  34. Wow. I am a merchant and I was thinking about using UPSMI, but after reading all these horror stories, I will stay away from it. I cant have my customers waiting that long. Its a shame. If the service worked properly, it could be a good thing.

  35. I ordered two items from two seperate vendors on November 29th…both items showed they were shipped that day….both items arrived at the USPS bulk mail center in Cincinnati, Ohio (an hour away) on December 3rd. Today is December 14th and I have yet to receive either package. This UPS Innovations suck…one vendor said they’ve had numerous problems shipping this way…obviously the breakdown comes with USPS since UPS is delivering the items in a timely matter to the bulk mail center. UPS needs to drop USPS like a hot potato – after all this is UPS’s reputation on the line.

  36. I too am fed up with UPS MI. Let’s draw as much attention to this horrific service as possible. Please “like” the UPS Mail Innovations Sucks Facebook page to help spread the word. Facebook has over 500million users. If consumers are informed, they will stop using this service and UPS and USPS can find a way to improve the experience. Do the right thing, spread the word, don’t let others get burned by this “innovation.”

  37. Mail Innovations? What crap December 16, 2010 at 12:56 am

    I ordered a video game 7 days ago, and like everyone else, expected it to be shipped via UPS and not transfered over to the USPS. I expected the package to arrive 2 days ago. I’m fine with waiting but I just find it hilarious how the package can ship from Connecticut to Arizona in 1 day and sit in some facility for 7. I have a feeling my package won’t come for quite some time, even though it’s only an hour and a half a way from my address.

  38. I also expected a package on 12/8/10, but the package didn’t show up until 12/10/10; 2 days later; by UPS MI & USPS. Now I’m waiting for another package, which I’ve been trying to track for 2 days now; but no tracking information has been available. Once it’s been handed over to the USPS, you just sit and wait. Bummer.

  39. well, my mp4 players are all made in China but they perfrom really well ~-‘

  40. I’m sorry to hear that I am not the only one with a UPS Mail Innovations horror story. It seems like it’s a fantastic company – for the shipper – but NOT for the consumer. (Thank you to the merchant that is not going to use this service after reading these comments!) I just found a UPS Mail Innovations Sucks facebook site – spread the word!

  41. I’ve had items sent by Fedex that used UPS to deliver and had no problem. My package from Walmart was just shipped today. I HOPE it arrives on time. They are saying Thursday or Friday. I prefer USPS or Fedex because I live in an apartment and am not home when UPS comes. Fedex delivers on Saturday.

  42. Here’s one for you. The shipper sends us three items we ordered and he ships two of them via UPS and the last one he requests it goes via UPS ‘Mail Innovations’ and after waiting for weeks on the item and days on the phone trying to track it nobody knows where out item is at. We’ve been told that once it hits the Mail Innovations location it could take another 18 to 20 days to be shipped. What the hell happened to our UPS overnight shipment we paid for????????????? We finally contacted the shipper and he agreed (reluctantly) to ship another item. Lo and dam behold, he sent it the very same way again. We told him to ship it to us via FEDEX overnight. The banks put the economy into the toilet and the rest of the country jumps in right behind it. Prices are raised and service get worse. This clearly is NOT the way to ship merchandise.

  43. Wow! I just had a really nice experience with UPS Mail Innovations. I was curious when I saw I was getting a package from them, so I googled and found this thread and I was pretty scared about how long my package would take to arrive! But I just wanted to let people know that even though this service seems shady, it isn’t all bad! My package was delivered the day after USPS received it, and altogether I got my package in Phoenix a mere four days after UPS Mail Innovations first picked it up from Ohio. Pretty sweet! I’m sorry about the bad service everyone else is experiencing, though.

  44. I was a shipping associate who worked for Walmart and Target as my key clients. I am hoping to give some lights here instead of just letting people to attack something they do not understand, and to ease the ‘fear’ instilled by many of the users who happened to be the victim of ‘unfortunate’ event.

    UPS MI is not as bad or shady at all, like what the people have mentioned as above. They are reputable company, financially supported by UPS, and a growing division of UPS. Similar services in the industry including FedEx Smart Post, DHL Global Mail etc. 1 thing in common about them – they all uses USPS as final delivery agent.

    So, don’t be surprise when you see your Postmaster gives the mail to you that says UPS MI.

    So why UPS MI or DHL GM? BECAUSE of US! Yes, we, you, us! We want the Free Shipping, we want the cheap prices, the corporations has no where to cut their margin, so they have to CUT the cost!

    Several years ago when we American was enjoying our financial stability we spend money like water… so as the corporate. So no one else care about a damn shit for shipping cost. But time is different now. As we want the cheap product, cheap service (free shipping), the corporate has to make a way to make us happy and their share holder as well.

    So, DO NOT think the managers up above Walmart, or Target, or BestBuy, or your small sellers in ebay are dumb. They know how to analyze cost and effectiveness. If you think UPS MI is going to screw their service and satisfaction level – think again? So why are these corporations surviving – why are ebay sellers blooming?

    Reality, you want to know their cost:
    UPS/FedEx = $7 to $12 per package, starts from the very 1st pound of weight.
    USPS = $4.95
    UPS MI = $3.00

    Walmart ships 200,000 packages in any single day. The simple cost saving vs UPS/FedEx, is $400,000/day, $12 millions for a month.

    And now, widen your perspective to all other corporations as well.

    It is a no brainier to do the math, right?

    Let’s talk about reliability:
    Check with any shipping insurance provider, and ask them for a quote. Insurance covers the lost, stolen and non receipt.

    Fact: UPS-MI is cheaper than USPS
    Means? USPS is a lot likely to lost your package. Even though UPS-MI is utilizes USPS for final mile delivery (they drop to the closest USPS hub or local PO), chances of getting lost in transit is a lot less.

    So they are somehow reliable than USPS because of the transit network is controlled by your beloved UPS.

    Service Speed? Here is the fact which I gather through my years of experience:
    – Back in 2008, I must say that their service is really sucks.
    – 2010 – 98% of packages delivered in 5 business days. 90% in 4 business days, and 65% in less than 3 days.

    I was with customer service of these corporations for years and they do not see ‘significant’ complaints about service between UPS vs UPS-MI.

    So how do I explain the complaints above? These are the 2% among the multi-millions packages in US mail streams, everyday. And they Google around and found this thread. People are a lot common to complaint rather than compliment. I was about to walk away, but I think my vote counts 🙂

    As far as the service is fine, I am not asking for a 1-day service if I have paid for free shipping. I usually wait till 10 days before I gently call or email the company. 99% of my online orders delivers in time. I just got my photobook album from Shutterfly, who shipped using UPS MI and delivered in 2-days, from NC to IL. If you have good experience with MI, raise your vote here. Watch for the barcode, if it starts with ‘9102’ and says MI on the manifest, it is them (or DHL GM).

  45. Rebecca,
    Stop the astroturfing. We don’t appreciate it when marketers are paid by UPS to post positive comments on blogs.
    You have too many exclamation points to be honest, and your last sentence really gives you away.

    p.s. There are 92 comments above talking about poor UPS Mail Innovations service.

  46. The worst! I will no longer order anything online if I know it is going to be delivered this way. I am waiting 10 days for something to be delivered. It arrived from UPS to USPS within 3 days and has been sitting at “Mail Sort Facility” for the remainder of the time. At this point if it doesn’t arrive today, I will be returning the item to the company I bought it from and will request a refund on delivery charges too. Needed the item for my vacation and it didn’t arrive in the promised amount of time.

  47. I was going to skip over commenting here, but I see some pretty new posts so I figure I’d jump in. My company ships about 95% of its products through a UPS:MI competing service. The process is exactly the same.

    I didn’t read every comment, but for some of the earlier posts, it is definitely a cost-cutting measure. However, if a seller is switching you from UPS shipping to UPS:MI when you legitimately paid for UPS, I’d call them out on that; it’s definitely not the same service.

    As for UPS:MI and some of its competing services, it’s not perfect. Make note, there’s two levels of every service. There’s a MI service that will truck the package to the distribution center and there’s a slightly more expensive MI service that flies it. You won’t be able to tell what the shipper used (aside from the shipping time). Also, the shipper can choose whether to include full tracking (continues to track through USPS) or partial tracking (tracking ends once it is handed over to USPS)

    Aside from this, we have a pretty high delivery rate of 98%. With about 96% of our packages being delivered within 3-4 days. As mentioned, it’s not perfect, but it’s with these savings that we’re able to pass them on in the sale price.

  48. Walmart shipped all my other stuff and I had it within 3-7 or so days and they broke everything up into 20 different packages. They waste boxes and packaging so bad… putting tiny stuff in huge boxes. Anyways, they decide to ship the most expensive thing of my 2 orders totaling 225.00 or so with UPS Mail Innovations. All the cheap things are here right away but this was going from Illinois to Wisc (one state) and it’s been since the 9th and it’s the 15th and all they did is send it to ST Paul which to me seems out of the way. Now they are saying expect it on the 21st. Another 5 shipping days for half a state.

    To me it sounds like a cheap version of UPS. Like USPS Media Mail which is cheap to ship but is slow. Well, this seems slower than that.