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  1. I was introduced to DR by his radio broadcasts and checked his book out of the library. Anyone can follow his very simple approach to finane without spending a dime.

    Dave will tell you right up front that what he is teaching is NOT rocket science. It is the same thing our grandparents were saying.
    1. get out of debt and stay out of debt.
    2. save for what you want and save for retirement.
    3. share your wealth with others in need.

    Dave did not get rich off of this business. He got rich by getting out of debt and making sound investmets. Oh, The Lampo group makes money, but they also reach out and help a lot of peopl. Dave and his team view Financial Peace as a ministry. It has grown tremenouslyand it is prfitable, but they also give a great deal away.

    That $300 packet also comes with a set of DVD’s and Dave says “Share them”. If you know someone who needs financial help,give them he program so they cn find peace as well.

    No, I don’t think he is a Saint…but he’s not a crook either.

  2. At one time in brief history…Mr Ramsey had a late night infomercial selling his get out debt material that actually had a segment that discussed with the “host” on why he would except credit cards during the airing of this commercial…?

    These are the basics of getting out of debt…everyone should have some common sense…eventually. If they would start having Home Education classed back in school like they used to do, we probably would be little better off.

    BTW..I bought the Dave Ramsey course…it was ok, I personally like Crown Financial better.


  3. I have listened to a few of Ramsey’s shows. To me he is neither a “guru” nor just a “salesman.” Here’s what I think:
    1. Steps 1-3 of his plan are indeed simplistic, but logical and highly effective; after all, there is really only one way to pay off debt: PAYING IT OFF. However, that requires the kind of self-discipline many people just don’t have or don’t think they have. Ramsey provides the kind of enthusiastic support that many people need if they are hopelessly mired in debt. He acknowledges their struggle, gives them a “community,” and even provides a celebration, a ritual almost, if they succeed (debt-free scream). That is Dave Ramsey’s real strength. His compassion with people (to whom he often gives his books for free) is quite apparent, and I believe he/his books do change lives. I was once inspired by the book “Your Money or Your Life” (by Robin and Dominguez), but I have never seen a champion of debt-free living like Dave Ramsey. In that respect he’s my kindred spirit, and I am thrilled that he is making this concept cool. I am almost sad that I was completely debt free eight years before I happened upon Ramsey’s show. Now I will never be able to partake in the ritual scream.:-)
    2. Steps 4-6 make sense as well, but the order is not that important. I, for ex., paid off my mortgage before really turbocharging my retirement savings. The order of any of the steps can be tweaked, really. Many bloggers have come up with all kinds of logical adaptations such an increased emergency fund right from the start in these shaky economic times.
    3. Step 7 (’get wealthy and give”) is more an afterthought than any real “step,” and Ramsey’s investment advice is generic (”a good growth-stock mutual fund”) and flawed. Assuming the stock market returns 12% on average, he repeatedly tells people to take out 8% of their retirement funds annually. That is TWICE as much as anyone else recommends. Anyone following that “advice,” especially in this market, would definitely outlive his money. People seeking investment advice should read Money Magazine or Kiplinger.
    4. Ramsey’s take on credit cards is illogical. Calling everyone who’s using a credit card “stupid” is, hm, stupid. Sure, people with $30k cc debt need to cut up their cards, but people who pay off the balance every month can obviously handle them. I understand that it is possible to get by without credit and a credit history, but why make life more difficult than it has to be?!
    5. The Christian aspect does not bother me since common sense always comes first on his show. In addition, he is very clear and open about his bias, his political bias as well. I also relate to many of the values that come up on his show, such as children honoring their parents. As a high school teacher, I hear my share of kids complaining about their parents. I often tell them that there is no religion or culture on earth that advocates treating your parents with disrespect. They all say something along the lines of honoring your parents. [Just because it’s in the Bible doesn’t mean it’s not true.:-)]

    In conclusion, Dave Ramsey is a really decent guy who is helping many people who otherwise would not find their way out of the mess they’re in. For those of us already debt free, he provides a great service to the indebted masses or perhaps just good entertainment. In any case, he helps changing the attitude toward consumer debt in this country, and that is definitely necessary!

  4. I have a book for sale for $300.00
    here it is:

    1. pay cash for everything!
    2. don’t eat out, only eat mac’n cheese and pork’n beans!

    3.never ever buy anything new!

    4. pay cash for everything.
    5.pay cash for everything!
    6. buy my book for $300.00

  5. I am currently enrolled in Dave Ramseys seminar I find it refreshing and informative. He is outstanding at understanding the cycle of debt and how it ruins marriages and families. His classes are not about how to add subtract and multiply. They are about understanding the games that are played by credit and finance instutions. Many don’t realize that marketing in America and any other 1st world nation is a huge business and it shapes our intellect and psyche to accept ideals of spending ahead of you income ie debt. By the way I am not broke busted, disgusted. I have a 750 Credit score I own 3 Homes 2 Rentals and my primary. 20k cash in the bank. Getting ready to buy my third investment home. dave works on the false ideas we have of living a healthy wealthy lifestyle.
    Live like no one else so you can live like no one else

  6. Personally I think Dave’s system is wonderful. It has been a Godsend for us. You can get the kit for $!29 on the website, or less thru a church as mentioned. Also he sells the pieces of the kit “ala carte” and all you really need is the book and maybe the envelope system if you’re not inclined to make one yourself. That’s only $30. The kit comes with CD’s that are basically the entire class and you’re encouraged to give them away or loan them out so anyone who really needs it can get the class free of charge. When we first considered taking the FPU classes we were concerned about how to afford the kit, but in the end it was $100 very well spent. It has paid for itself time and time again, and in the first month we paid off enough debt to recoup the cost of the kit a few times over. We have since been able to sponsor a couple who could not afford a kit but really needed the help with their debt and budgeting…6 months ago we would never have dreamed of being able to give away $100 like that! Not to mention we just paid $14K CASH for our new car, something we’d never have believed we could do before. We are totally debt-free except for our mortgage and working toward paying that off in the next 5 years. The financial world might look at Dave as “the wiener in the steakhouse” as he puts it, but he is genius!

  7. I have never listened to Dave Ramsey or any of the other ones. I had the same attitude that some have posted here about the cost of such programs.
    I do not have credit card debt haven’t had in years. Pay my bills on time But a friend of mine brought the total money makeover book to me and told me to read it. I did and I did see where this book could help me where I can take what is left each month and start a retirement plan other than our 401k. I did order something from his site but it was only 49.00 for a complete package, budgeting software and all and has helped me a lot not only in my personal finances but my business finances as well. The product I ordered has paid for itself and I am very happy with the outcome. My savings have grown in both personal and business.
    It is so simple even a cave man can do it if they truely want to become debt free.
    The friend that brought the book has not even used the program so my take on it is that some truely want to become debt free and some just talk about it
    I am debt free now except my house and utilities and it feels so good.

  8. I paid $100 to attend Dave’s FPU and was inspired to pay off around $90K in debt & started doing a better job of setting up my nest egg.

    Worth the trade.

    Also, I hope Dave has made a killing with his program. Welcome to capitalist America, when you provide a valuable service here you are rewarded.

    If you have a problem with him having wealth then you suffer from a spirit of envy. He addresses that too, until you get rid of it you’re never going to have anything of your own.

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