JLP’s Weekly Roundup

Jim’s playing devil’s advocate again with Why Roth IRAs Are Bad. – I wish he would quit doing this because his titles are throwing me for a loop.

There’s a lot of office love in the air.

Here’s some good advice from Nickel: Always, always double-check your medical bills.

Is it better to give of your time or your money?

MBH talks about wholesale prices from your retail grocery store.

Binary Dollar hosts this week’s Carnival of Money Stories

Blunt Money got a call from a debt collector.

The Digerati Life has 20 Typical Reasons to Sell Your Stock or Mutual Fund – Some of this seems an awful lot like “market timing.” In my opinion it is extremely important to keep your emotions in check when deciding whether or not to sell an investment. Unfortunately, most people trade with their emotions.

Here’s a message from Dimes to Dollars: READ THE DAMNED CONTRACT!

eFIPO is starting a stock market game.

Finance Buff reviews A Random Walk Down Wall Street. Believe it or not, I have NEVER read this book. I saw it the other day in the bookstore but didn’t buy it because I have too many books already on my list. I do intend on reading it this year.

FinIndie has 4 Cardinal Rules of Car Buying.

Money Tortoise has some things to know before filing your taxes.

If Numbers Were Just Numbers.

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Jonathan has put together a handy little graphic that explains Tax Efficient Mutual Fund Placement.

New blog “See Jane Learn” has a post worth reading: Retirement Savings and Behavioral Economics – Yeah, it’s a boring title but worth reading.

Tired But Happy recently talked about her life and the changes she is facing.

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  1. Thank you JLP for including my post in the roundup. Not much has changed in the latest edition of the A Random Walk Down Wall Street book from the previous edition. Getting a copy from a public library should be good enough.

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