OT: Don’t You Hate it When…

you hide something so other people won’t find it and take it but then you CAN’T FIND it when you need it? I like this certain kind of pen. If I keep them in my desk drawers they get “borrowed” but never return. So, I bought several extras and I’m pretty sure I hid them so that no one would find them. Well, now I can’t find them! ARGHHHH!…

What’s funny is that once I have given up and go out and buy more pens, I come across 2 or 3 that I lost. Go figure.

5 thoughts on “OT: Don’t You Hate it When…”

  1. I’ve tried those pens and they’re a little small for my hand.

    You need one of those GIANT pens. The ones that are 1 foot long and impossible to lose…well, anything is possible.

  2. What is worse is when you find a pen you love, then when you use it up/break it/lose it, you go to the store and they don’t make them anymore? Or they don’t sell them in your part of the country? Mr Dimes loved himself a good Zebra liquid gel ink with a rubberized grip and they quit selling them where we lived. Many tears were shed before he found a suitable replacement, and now I fear that it will cease being available.

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