JLP’s Weekly Roundup XL

This week’s weekly roundup was brought to you by the sweet sounds of Bill Evans. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE music, especially jazz music. Anyway, something I’m going to start doing with my Friday roundups is highlighting a particular artist that I listen to while putting the roundup together. If you’re not familiar with Bill Evans, you need to check him out. Although he has been dead since 1980, his music and influence still lives on.

The big news this week was Tuesday’s 416-point drop in the Dow:

Jim on how to respond when the market drops.

Flexo asks, “Is this a buying opportunity?

MBH’s thoughts on the stock market drop.

Nickel’s tax return poll results.

FMF likes the fact that Mvelopes backs up their product.

A Financial Revolution hosts this week’s Carnival of Investing.

Tricia has a great post on how to GET STARTED getting out of debt.

Do you ever use money as an excuse?

Wanna buy a house at a 35% DISCOUNT?

Dimes to Dollars is having a hard time practicing what she preaches.

OT: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TEXAS! – I have been a Texas resident for nearly 15 years. I like pretty much everything about Texas except for their college teams. Go KU!

DINKs reviews Eight Steps to Seven Figures.

Ricemutt with another review: How to Get Rich.

NOT doing your taxes yourself? Then you’ll want to read The Family CEOs’ post How to Save Money on Tax Preparation When You’re Not Doing It Yourself.

The Finance Buff shows us how to buy CDs at auction.

J.D. on buying wine on a budget.

Should you buy car rental insurance?

Jane Dough highlights a report that says only 40% of Americans have emergency savings. – I’m actually surprised the number is that high.

Being average doesn’t mean you suck. – Gotta love Cap’s titles!

Single Ma’s take on the stock market drop.

Matt talks about his spending habits and his childhood.

The Carnival of 30s and 40s Personal Finance is up at Making Our Way.

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  1. JLP. thanks for the answer. I thought you bought traffic based on the ‘unknown referrals’ on your traffic counter along with a lot of hits recently from Stumble Upon, which is a pay for traffic site. Please pardon my wrong assumptions. Great blog by the way, I’ve been a reader for a while. I have a commercial/industrial site and don’t want to disclose its identity since I’m exploring how to generate more traffic to it.

  2. Dave,

    No problem. Stumble Upon does have a pay-for-traffic feature, but I don’t use it. Those referrals are from people who have stumbled across my blog.

    Keep in mind that I have been blogging for 2 1/2 years. In fact, I should have a heck of a lot more traffic than I have.

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