I’m Running Out of Blog of the Week Candidates!

March 12, 2007

It’s getting more and more difficult for me to find Blog of the Week candidates! I normally try to “stock up” on ideas but I haven’t come up with any ideas lately. If you’re a blogger and you have come across a blog that you think is Blog of the Week material, please send me an email (my email address is located at the top left-hand side of this blog) with the “Blog of the Week Candidate” in the subject line and let me know about it. Tell me the name and url of YOUR blog as well as the name and URL of the blog you are submitting. If I use your suggestion, I’ll give you and your blog credit.

PLEASE resist the urge to promote your own blog!

15 responses to I’m Running Out of Blog of the Week Candidates!

  1. I enjoy reading mytwodollars.com, although I don’t know if you’ve already used this one.

  2. I’m a big fan of Bank Deals Blog (www.bankdealsblog.com), which is easily the most comprehensive (and regularly updated) list of CD rates, money market rates, and checking account deals anywhere on the Internet, except maybe the Fat Wallet forums. Credit Union Deals (www.credituniondeals.com) is a similar, good website, but it’s obviously more focused.

    In personal financial advice blogs, I like Endless Gibberish (www.endlessgibberish.com) and…well, um, actually, it looks like the rest of my suggestions have already been BotWs, so never mind.

  3. Check out my blogroll — I think I have something like 120 blogs listed.

  4. Leo: I just e-mailed the same suggestion to JLP before checking the comments. Great minds…

  5. May I recommend: My Wealth Builder

    This is run by a guy known as “Super Saver”. I have been reading this blog for quite some time. It’s nice.

  6. I write okdork.com and work for Mint Software. We just launched mymint.com/blog, yes shameless plug. I can’t help it but my boss might buy me a Jamba Juice for this:)

    The blog is focused on interviewing personal finance bloggers and their feelings around personal finance software while we work on creating our free software.

  7. I like it’s just money blog because it has so many links to people’s blogs. I also like franky the financial atheist because it’s a very interesting religious twist.

  8. I absolutely concur with Matthew Prins suggestion about bankdeals. I only just recently found it and think it’s outstanding. Another new one I’ve been reading is Crazy Money (http://crazy-money.blogspot.com/). He’s definitely oriented to building wealth, but also has no qualms about spending ~$49,000 for a new car. His style makes for an entertaining read.

  9. Great blog. There is some excellent information here. I’m developing a blog about personal debt and exploding the myth of debt consolidation. You might be interested – http://explodingthemyth.blogspot.com

  10. Can you start from the beginning again? 🙂

    May I recommend “Money Smart Life”? http://www.moneysmartlife.com

    if you haven’t featured him before. The author is Ben.

    I agree with Golbguru that Super Saver at “My Wealth Builder” is pretty solid.

    Another one I enjoy is “Grad Money Matters” (http://gradmoneymatters.com), run by ispf.

  11. I personally recommend BankDeals at http://bankdeals.blogspot.com/
    The guy is banking pro and his weekly summary of bank offers is a big hit

  12. Great blog. I have started a blog for investing in Australia (I am from there, now living in the USA).

    Your writing is great and love the content.


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