I Got My Peter Pan Rebate Check!

Peter Pan Rebate Letter and Check

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I just checked the mail and noticed that I got a letter from ConAgra, the makers of the Peter Pan Peanut Butter that was recalled earlier this year. I’m impressed with the fact that ConAgra is taking a proactive stance with this matter instead of trying to get out of their duty. This is going to cost the company a lot of money but in the long run it could turn out to be a major feather in their cap!

7 thoughts on “I Got My Peter Pan Rebate Check!”

  1. wow, I’m impressed..

    I can’t believe how fast the turn around for your money was. This company is definitely a good company. Makes me want to switch from my Jif to Peter Pan. Good for them!

  2. My significant other returned two jars of the affected “Great Value” peanut butter to Wal-Mart for a refund.

    I guess this actually goes to show that this particular generic product really is just as good as a name brand. After all, they used the same peanuts and processing factory as Peter Pan. Hard to imagine that it’s too much different.

  3. Oooohhh, that was a bad pun and I am sooo surprised nobody else commented about it yet, Tinker Bell.

  4. Walmart will take back almost anything. I once bought a pair of shoes for work and asked if I wore them and they weren’t comfortable, can I bring them back? THEY SAID YES. I could bring back used, worn shoes, even with some minor marks. They worked out, so I didn’t return them, but I could have!

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  6. Well you all may have your rebate but I’m still waiting. I applied July 30, 2007 and then contacted them again Oct. 19, 2007. Now it’s a new year and I guess I got lost in the shuffle. Sorry Peter Pan, here come Jiffy.

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