OT: Meet a Woman Named “Jeffrey”

Back in December of last year, I wrote a post titled How Many People Have Your Name? In that post I commented about the fact that their stats said that 99.83% of the people with the name “Jeffrey” were male and that I couldn’t believe that a woman would have the name Jeffrey. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, that post received the following comment from a woman:

My parents…. in their right mind… named me, their only daughter… Jeffrey….

My mother wanted to name me after an actress from the 40’s 50’s whose name was “Jeff Donnell”. As a matter of fact… she went through 4 pregnancies to get to me… I have 3 older brothers.

In my 45 years, I have never met another girl named Jeffrey… although I always keep my eyes open. I have had a lot of fun with it, AND there has been a lot of confusion in my life as a result. I was almost forced to register for the Selective Service out of High School and when I went to college.. I got lots of “join our fraternity” letters….

As an adult, the name is unique and I’m thankful for it. If I had the opportunity to change my name… I wouldn’t because I know my mother was only thinking the best for me.

Thanks for your blog…. It was great reading!


Boy I bet she has fun with that name! At least they spell it right! LOL!

Now we can all say we know a woman named Jeffrey.

5 thoughts on “OT: Meet a Woman Named “Jeffrey””

  1. I knew a girl in college named Mike. Full name was Michael. It wasn’t a saint’s name from confirmation either. (Like ‘Sister Margaret James’ or something like that.)

  2. My old ob/gyn was a woman named Christopher. Her staff was always explaining that she was a woman to concerned new patients.

  3. There was a member of a band called five iron frenzy who was known as “Jeff the girl” –> but she was actually called leanor..

  4. well I am a girl and my name is Jeffri 🙂 And I myelf have never met another girl named Jeffri either

  5. So I just talked with a woman named Jeffrey on the phone. It was so peculiar that I just had to google it to see if there were any others out there. So I guess that makes three. Straight up nuts.

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