Got Any Gold In Your Closet?

Check out this article (free) I found in the Wall Street Journal. Savvy shoppers are buying clothing and purses at places like Target and then reselling them on eBay for huge profits. Check this out:

That’s a 628.8% return in one month! Wow!

Of course things like this aren’t without risks. For one, you have to know which items are going to be in demand and which ones are going to be hard to find. However, I’m sure a few lucky people will make some money off this little craze.

10 thoughts on “Got Any Gold In Your Closet?”

  1. I vote for burning it! (after she’s out of it of course)

    GAH — current fashions. Glad I’m not a fashionista.


  2. This just proves how dumb some people are with their money – if it’s fashionable, I must pay more on ebay for it!

  3. I sell a few items a month on ebay and I am always amazed at what sells. A few years ago I was cleaning out a drawer and found a “commerative 1996 olympics skiing event coin”. It was a freebie from a corn flakes box a decade ago, still in original packaging. I threw it into the trash, then reconsidered, and started the auction at 99 cents. The item sold after a bid war for $7.50 and even after fees that is another two large boxes of corn flakes!

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