Blog of the Week – No. 73

It is hard to believe that it has been well over a month since I last featured a Blog of the Week! I have to say I got a little burned out and the Blog of the Week became a burden. Anyway, I’m building up a small list of Blog of the Week candidates and hope to get back to regular features soon.

The 73rd Blog of the Week on AllFinancialMatters goes to Debt Blitzkrieg, a blog essentially about making war on debt. The blog’s author doesn’t like debt. I don’t blame her because debt can be a scary thing – especially if you get in over your head. I would feel the same way if I owed $191,000 in student loans!

Anyway, her blog is about her journey to getting out of debt. I encourage you to encourage her.

2 thoughts on “Blog of the Week – No. 73”

  1. Oh my gosh — and here I am in my ratty bathrobe with my curlers in. If I’m Blog of the Week I better go make a couple of pithy posts.

    Yes, I AM the poster child for being dumb with my finances.


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