Sometimes It Pays to Wait

Regular readers of this blog know that I balked at renewing my Wall Street Journal subscription this year because they raised their price from $215 per year to $249 per year. I let my subscription lapse but they kept sending me papers for about three weeks. They also kept sending me renewal notices but the renewal price stayed at $249 so I just kept throwing them away.

Well, Friday I got a “we want you back” letter from them with this offer:

2 years of the paper and the online version for $199 and a free book!

I took them up on this deal, which is better than any deal I’ve ever had! The best I deal ever received in the past was $175 for a year’s subscription and that was back in 1997. Anyway, sometimes it pays to wait for a better offer.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes It Pays to Wait”

  1. This is very true. I recently had a free issue of Fortune magazine that I decided not to keep, but they continue to send me advertisements. Their subscription rates vary wildly.

  2. Nothing like treating your customers poorly, huh?

    For those looking to get a subscription, check out:

    BEST OFFER – Receive 52 weeks of The Journal in print plus one year of the Online Journal —
    all for $99! That’s a savings of over 75%!
    Get an additional 4 FREE WEEKS (56 weeks in total) when you pay now by credit card.
    Prefer print only? 52 weeks for $79.00
    Plus 2 FREE WEEKS (54 weeks in total) when you pay now by credit card.

  3. Wow, my subscription will be due in June and I was also looking to drop it at the new rate. But waiting or taking advantage of the 52 week offer may be just the deal I was looking for.


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