I’m Not the Only One Who Thinks Robert Kiyosaki is a Joke!

There’s a pattern here, folks. Robert Kiyosaki is proving over and over again that he’s not worthy of writing for Yahoo! Finance. Not too long ago, I profiled one of his silly articles in a post titled Let’s Read Some of Robert Kiyosaki’s Drivel. This time it’s Samerwriter’s turn. Check out Kiyosaki – What a Joke.

Enough said.

8 thoughts on “I’m Not the Only One Who Thinks Robert Kiyosaki is a Joke!”

  1. Well I have certainly done my fair share of Kiyosaki bashing. I found his latest piece he adds this: “One of the reasons I write for Yahoo! Finance is so I can put forth ideas that challenge the way people think about investing.”

    Well I think he has accomplished that, and simply shown how foolish his “advice” is for the majority of the population.

  2. I too have done my share of K bashing. The one bit of knowledge that I have gleaned from him (from the RDPD book) is the whole idea of creating wealth building systems. I kinda like his Cash Flow Quadrant:

    E: Employee — You have a job (i.e. job owns you)
    S: Self-employed — You own a job (but its still a job)
    B: Business owner — You own a “system” of making money (people work for you)
    I: Investor — Your money works for you.

    If you really think about it, in general, people who are good at creating systems to get things done, often create wealth in the process. Even in a corporate job, the person who is good at getting things done (or getting people to do things) tends to get promoted up the ladder to management. The better you are at creating and running large economic systems, the higher up the food chain you go.

    Applied to small businesses, this means that the sole proprieter is often limited – you can only do so much by yourself, you can only bill so many hours, you can only cover so much territory, etc. Wealth creation isn’t so much in the skill or craft of the job, as it is in the ability to expand those activities to the point where others are really doing the work for you.

    R.E. is so beautiful in terms of this model because generally speaking, as a landlord, you are collecting rents off somebody elses “work” – whether its residential or commercial. This is not to say that landlording isn’t without its headaches, but the concept stands.

    None of this is exactly new news, just as most financial writing/journalism is not exactly ground-breaking. And much of it is not useful to 99% of the pop.

    All I’m saying is that this is the one thing I got from Kiyosaki – that he made me really think about this concept a little differently than I normally would.

    Everything else I have read by him has been pure crappola.

  3. By the way, in terms of creating wealth systems, K has proven himself a master of masters. His whole PF empire of books, tapes, CD’s, seminars, etc. is one big system designed to do one thing: line his pockets with cash.

    Now I have some advice for him: If you want to keep the machine rolling, hire somebody else to do the writing!!! Just show up for the photo ops and keep a lid on it, and nobody will be the wiser.

  4. I find the Kiyosaki message to be decent and relatively fresh amongst other writers who simply rehash the same old with maybe a little bit different dressing. I’m not sure I believe everything about Kiyosaki’s history, and certainly he doesn’t have enough unique material to fill all the books he’s written (but then neither do Bach or Orman by a longshot). His message is fairly simple to understand and easy to apply in whatever degree you choose to your own life. I like it, but he probably needs some new material.

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