Oh Happy Day…!

Well, I just submitted the FINAL PAYMENT on our 2002 Buick Rendezvous! The cool thing is that even at 5 years old, it is still in really good shape. It has been garage-kept the entire 5 years and has only been driven 48,000 miles! It’s practically new! I’m thinking I can get another 5 years out of it as long as I can keep myself out of the car showrooms!

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  1. Congrats man! You may have seen we just paid off our Chevy Malibu. Your post reminded me of some important information I left out for my own payoff, so time to write that one up!

  2. ..what was the true interest rate you paid on that car loan over 5 years ?

    Is it wise to borrow money to purchase a depreciating consumer good ?

    Are used-cars a better economic option for folks who don’t have the cash for a new car ??

  3. Personally, I believe in always buying used. The huge drop in value isn’t worth the “new car smell” to me. Here’s an article which covers new vs. used, http://www.credit.com/life_stages/buying_car/New-vs-Used.jsp

    From the article, “In the long run, however, buying used is almost always a better choice than buying new or leasing a new car.” Of course, everyone has their own preferences and there’s nothing wrong with getting a new car if that’s what you will really be happier with.

  4. OH MY GAWD! How about I just wrote a post on the EXACT same thing!! I just made THE FINAL payment on my 2004 Honda Accord. It’s such an exhilarating feeling.

    Congrats to you!

  5. Grats, it’s always a great feeling to own something finally :D.

    I bought a Toyta Echo in 2000 right when I left school. I paid it off in 2004 and it was really enjoyable to sign that last check. I’m still driving my car @ 114k miles on it over the last 7 years. I’ve got a 5 minute commute to work and most days I work from home so I don’t mind driving my little pod car around, but maaaaaaan those new cars look beautiful.

    But to keep it up to date, I got one of those little iPod FM adapters and new speakers recently to keep it feeling fresh. It’s certainly a LOT cheaper than going out and getting myself a new car payment. My next ‘splurg’ for the car with be TomTom for me and Sirus for my wife. That’s my biggest take away from owning a car for the long haul, add accessories to keep it fresh.

    Doesn’t help me any with that huge dent on my passenger door though 😀 😀

  6. I encourage everyone to buy a new car, how else could I buy it at half the price 3 years later? 😀

    Are you going to stop your payments or continue them? I mean, are you going to save up for your next vehicle so you don’t have to finance it?

  7. You should keep making that car payment – but now to yourself. Start saving for your next car now. There is no better feeling than buying a car with cash. The reaction from the dealership alone is priceless.

    Also – be proud of driving an older car (not that yours it that old). I still drive a 96 Ford Contour with 100K+ miles. It’s so cheap to drive (low insurance, low car tax). I have no desire to rush out and get a new car.

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