Tomorrow’s “Millionaire Inside” Should be Humorous

You probably already know that I’m not exactly a fan of CNBC’s “The Millionaire Inside.” So far the show has been a lot of fluff and not much substance. That said, it has also been humorous. Tomorrow night’s show on becoming debt-free shouldn’t be any different. Here’s the five “experts” who will appear on the show:

Robert Kiyosaki – See, I’m laughing already.

Jennifer Openshaw

Sharon Epperson

David Bach

Larry Winget

I had seen Larry Winget’s books in the book store but never paid attention to them until my father-in-law sent me a link to Larry’s blog. It looked interesting so I went out and picked up a copy of SHUT UP, STOP WHINING & GET A LIFE, which I hope to review as soon as I am finished with it. If Larry acts the way he writes, tomorrow night’s show should be entertaining. So, if you find yourself with nothing to do on a Saturday night at 9:00 PM Eastern, check out the show. I’m going to watch. I can’t pass up an opportunity to get some blogging material.

11 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s “Millionaire Inside” Should be Humorous”

  1. Wow, Larry Winget looks awesome. The titles of his books alone are fantastic. I’m definitely going to have to pick them up. Who couldn’t use a kick-butt approach to a better life 😀

  2. Jeremy,

    LOL! One of the reasons I never picked up his books was because of the way he looks! His style just doesn’t appeal to me.

  3. You’re right, if I had stumbled across the book in the store I probably wouldn’t have even considered it. He doesn’t have your typical personal development look. But I like his attitude and I agree, people need to suck it up and stop whining!

    I will have tivo set this saturday, can’t wait to hear Kiyosaki spout off about how terrible mutual funds are and how everyone should buy real estate.

  4. With all the Robert K. hate folks have, and I have a bit set aside for him myself, why does he keep getting these gigs? Why do his books keep selling?

    When I die, this is one of my questions I’ll have for the big man because as a merer mortal, I don’t understand the draw of this turd.

    Simply going against the grain is all this guy has got and with a sketchy past to boot, there must by a few million folks who could do the trick…There is always that family member that buys baseball cards for retirement and thinks you should to or that friend who has conspiricy theories about the use of ETF’s…Why don’t they have TV shows and books?

  5. Luke – To answer your question on RK, you have to step back and think about the forums where RK has gained traction. RK is an entertainer, nothing more, nothing less. He’s not there to provide useful info, he’s there to amuse us, which I must say he has done a fantastic job of. If some people get hurt by listening to his “advice”, then c’est la vie. That is not the responsibility of the media and entertainment industry (sarcasm intended).

  6. I probably will not watch this, but I would very much look forward to your recap and highlights after if you decide to do so.

    On the RK fame issue, I think he owes a lot to the Amway folks for buying so many books.

  7. I am a big Larry Winget fan. I heard him as a keynote speaker at a technology conference. His talk was probably the only one I have ever heard, and remembered what it was later.

  8. I’m watching it right now and all I can say is WOW. I can’t wait for your recap JLP. I have a few things to comment on myself and we’re only 20 minutes into the show.

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