OT: How Many Emails Do You Have in Your Inbox Right Now?

July 18, 2007

I have NINE!

I spent some time over the weekend deleting and organizing my emails. My inbox contained over 1,200 emails before I started cleaning.

I spent some time setting up folders for the emails that I wanted/needed to keep. Then I simply moved those emails to their proper folder and deleted the rest. I’m now down to 9 emails in my inbox and I’m committed to cleaning it out daily.

I told my wife about my inbox feat and she told me that she has over 4,000 emails in her inbox. It’ll take her a long time to get that organized!

How about you? Are you an email hoarder or purger or just plain lazy?

22 responses to OT: How Many Emails Do You Have in Your Inbox Right Now?

  1. I’ve only got 209 at the moment but it normally stays around 2000. A few months ago I lost ALL of my email, ten years of stuff sorted in folders and what not, and have decided that was a glorious thing. My goal was to stay at no more than a 100 in the inbox, guess I need to go purge a litt.e

  2. Yikes! I have exactly 400 combined in my business inboxes and 799 in my personal inbox. I’m going to clean some of it out right now.

    As of last weekend, I Know my wife had over 4,000 emails in her personal inbox. I can only imagine what her work email inbox looks like.

  3. I have 4.

  4. I use Gmail, so I don’t have folders and I can through Gmail’s massive storage and archiving system store all my emails. I currently receive roughly 30plus emails a day and if I am on the computer I answer them as soon as possible and archive it right away. My actual inbox contains emails that I need right away, just bought items that haven’t arrived yet, plane tickets, plans for this weekend, and details about a project that I am working on, 12 in all. The two best things that I did with email was moving to Gmail and answering emails as soon as possible. The big item that I have to keep on top of is my RSS feeds. I am currently reading in the range of a hundred feeds with well over 300 items a day coming from that.

    I guess I hoard my emails and I did back when I was using other email systems. You never know when some of it could be useful especially when dealing with customers. Gmail though really pushes to have you hoard all your emails, so the system very much facilitates this.

  5. I use gmail and at one point was overly filter crazy. Every email that came in would get attached to a label, some would auto archive and once I had more than 50 in my inbox I would archive them all since they would all be labeled. Then one day I just went why? Since I can search and anything that I really want to keep track of I can star…I just stopped. The only filters I create now are for things I want to auto-archive and I’ll go to the label later to read it. I think last I checked I had over 8,000.

  6. I have about 700 messages in my mail boxes. I clean them pretty regularly, I just like to hoard them, or maybe I use hoarding to justify my laziness. I think my snail mail collection is just as bad, my pile of mail that I need to shred is starting to get pretty high.

  7. I only keep emails in my Inbox that require some action or have some pertinent information that I will need to access in the near future. Currently, my Inbox has a grand total of 8 emails.

  8. I’m a purger. I have about 50 in my work inbox, and maybe 10 on my home inbox.

  9. I only keep those items that need action or quick reference in my inbox. The rest I file or delete.

  10. Ah, if only I could use gmail and it’s awesome search function at work. My personal (gmail) inbox has 11 messages in it, all things I need to reply to or act on.

    My work inbox (Outlook) has 189 items in it (and I’ve only worked here two months – it will get bigger). I just don’t like filing it into a folder unless it is truly only classifiable to one topic and that topic will have many emails associated with it. So I keep a lot of “general correspondence” type things in my work inbox, and every six months or so I do a purge of things that are no longer needed as reference.

  11. Thousands. I don’t bother moving emails out of the inbox, since I just use it as an archive. I used to try to organize them nicely into folders, but I just ended up forgetting what category I used for a given email and would lose it.

    If an email requires an action (ie, a later reply), I keep it unread.

  12. I have 11, but I frequently work with 0-5.

    I picked up a nice tip from Marc Adreesen’s blog to create folders for pending emails (when someone says they’ll do something, and you want to check back later to make sure it happened), reviewable emails (read at a later time), actions (things you have to do, can be divided by project), and old emails (just my trash folder, since I don’t delete from there).

    I have a couple of folders of my own, for receipts and registration information. If you think about it a bit, it shouldn’t be hard to create a few folders so you can reply, delete, or file every email quickly.

  13. Another tip: if you forget where you put an email, you have too many folders. If you organize them by the type of email instead of the subject it should be pretty clear where you want to look.

  14. Personal: 15 unread, 20something total. I purge as I go.

    Work: *faint* HUNDREDS! I’ve been back from vacation for 2 days and still going through them. I should delete and act like I never received them. If it’s urgent, they’ll email again. LOL

  15. I keep my personal inbox to less than 10.

    Work is even better where I manage the inbox to zero every day (Well, almost every day). I get well over a hundred work emails per day with schedules, agendas, etc. I have created rules in Outlook to file these in their appropriate folders, delete as needed, etc. That along shaved 25% of my email.

    I also drag and drop emails to my task list to do the follow ups. This is a really handy feature for reminding me that Joe was supposed to call Tom. Or that I should print this massive file early in the morning before I lock up the printer.

    Getting Things Done is big at my company and I really like the OCD approach anyway.

  16. In my work email: thousands. I don’t bother deleting them or moving them around. Finding old emails is what search utilities are for.

    For “action required” emails, I keep them marked unread until I’m done with them.

  17. I’m actually super diligent about deleting emails or moving them to their designated folder. I start to feel really overwhelmed when my inbox has a bunch of irrelevent stuff in it that doesn’t require immediate attention, but that’s just me!

  18. 23 in my work email 6 in my personnel. I work as a computer tech / help desk for a medium sized company and receive between hundreds of emails a day. only about 20 or 30 actually hit my inbox, the rest are sorted by rules that are defined and put in place by me to keep organized.

  19. Well over 5,000… 🙁

  20. 4061. I use yahoo.

  21. As of today, 11,450! ;0 Been keeping emails since 2004, although I do run my own eBay business which adds a lot to the total. But there you go!