Day 2’s Larry Winget Giveaway (and Day 1’s Winner)

July 30, 2007

I hope everyone had a great weekend. The randomly-selected winner of the first of six Larry Winget signed book giveaways was commenter #4, Jeremy of GenerationXFinance (you don’t have to be a blogger in order to win). Congrats to Jeremy.

Now, to enter today’s giveaway, simply leave a comment. I only have two rules:

1. You can only enter once per giveaway.

2. You must be a resident of the United States or Canada (I will not ship to anywhere but the U.S. and Canada).

I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning. Good luck!

NOTICE: If you submit a comment it will show up eventually! There’s a bit of a lag sometimes on comments. However, rest assured that I have received your comment and that it is in queue.

49 responses to Day 2’s Larry Winget Giveaway (and Day 1’s Winner)

  1. Me first Me first!!!

  2. Count me in!

  3. I’m in for today’s.

  4. Count me in!

  5. 2nd time lucky – I hope

  6. Sign me up, as well, please!

  7. I’m in.

  8. Darn I didn’t win. Count me in again anyway.

  9. Here goes nothing.

  10. I’m in. Thanks!

  11. Pick me I really want that book!

  12. Count me in – thanks

  13. Congrats Jeremy!

  14. I’m pretty random!

  15. I’d love to read it!

  16. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again

  17. Did you see him on CNBC: Get Inspired. He was very upfront and honest.

    I want that book!!

  18. Another try for the book!

  19. Ooh, me too!

  20. Count me in.

  21. Pick me! Pick me!

  22. Trying again!

  23. Okay, I’m still waiting to send my address

  24. I think I will win one of these days if I keep trying :).

  25. Me too.

  26. please enter me! Thanks!

  27. Can’t win if you don’t play!

  28. You never pick me 🙁

  29. Count me in!

  30. Me me me!

  31. randomize me.

  32. Here goes again … count me in!

  33. Pick me!! Pretty please:)

  34. I would like to be trying again for to get the book for me!!!

  35. Try #2

  36. Trying again =)

  37. Trying again…

  38. try again

  39. Count me in!

  40. Why not try