Inc. Magazine’s 30 Under 30

Inc. Magazine published its list of 30 Under 30 – 30 of the nations coolest young entrepreneurs. I looked through the each of the profiles and was amazed at how simple some of the ideas were. I mean really, cookies in the middle of the night? The entrepreneur who impressed me the most was Sean Belnick of

At 14, Sean Belnick started a direct-shipping company for office furniture from his bedroom — with $500. The company now stocks many of the products it sells in a new 327,000-square-foot warehouse in Canton, Ga., and has branched out into home furniture, medical equipment, and school furniture. Notable clients include the Pentagon, Microsoft, and American Idol.

That’s pretty impressive. His company’s 2006 revenue was $26 million! I don’t quite understand why he’s not number one.

All it takes in an idea and the means to make that idea come true. From the looks of the list below, the “idea” can be almost anything:

Ben Kaufman, Mophie
Sean Belnick,
Bo Menkiti, The Menkiti Group
Sam Altman, Loopt
Katie Kerrigan, Kathryn Kerrigan
Byron Myers, Inogen
Ali Perry, Inogen
Brenton Taylor, Inogen
Raj Lahoti, Online Guru
Geoff Cook,
Dave Cook,
Catherine Cook,
Brian Taylor, Kernel Season’s
Miles Munz, Interview Stream
Randy Bitting, Interview Stream
David Levich,
Dan Gershon,
Eric Liberman,
Ben Goldhirsh, GOOD
Seth Berkowitz, Insomnia Cookies
Alison Barnard, in-jean-ius
Will Pearson, Mental Floss
Mangesh Hattikudur, Mental Floss
Nick Kenner, Just Salad
Rob Crespi, Just Salad
Hayden Hamilton, GreenPrint
Benjamin Sann,
Jason Wright, Feed Granola Co.
Jason Osborn, Feed Granola Co.
Alexis Demko, Lil Bogies

2 thoughts on “Inc. Magazine’s 30 Under 30”

  1. I thought the list was pretty interesting though I was surprised to see that some of the people on the list really weren’t bringing in that much money… I know a bunch of entrepreneurs (under 30) that are bringing in more. I guess its about their story as well as the funds.

  2. As with many lists like this, a lot of it is probably who you know. The one time I knew someone who ended up on a list like this (this one by People magazine), it was because they were a friend of a friend of the person putting the list together, and, well, he had to get the names from somewhere….

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