JLP’s Weekly Roundup (Week of September 3, 2007)

Here’s a look at some of the happenings this week from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond:

FMF asks do you pay cash for your cars? – FMF’s post highlights a Bankrate study that found that 12% of thier respondents paid cash for their cars. I wonder how many of them borrowed money elsewhere (like a home equity loan or refinance) in order to pay cash for their car?

I think Nickel has LOST IT, MAN! He’s now refilling toothpaste tubes for fun. – LOL! How far are we supposed to take this frugality stuff?

MBH looks at reducing debt with person-to-person loans.

Flexo has some tips for opening a business checking account.

Jim addresses a question from a reader about rolling over a 401(k).

Elsewhere in the blog world…

NoCreditNeeded is in the midst of a 33 day series on 33 ways to save money and get out of debt. Today is Day 9 – Make Time to Manage Your Finances.

JD shows us how to get paid to live overseas. – I have NEVER had the desire to move overseas. I just figure God put me in Texas for a reason.

The Consumerist wrote earlier this week about how 1,300 unopened rebate applications for Fry’s Electronics were found in a dumpster. – No wonder it takes so long to process rebates! I guess this is why stores like rebates since they’re just going to throw them away anyway.

Money, Matter, and More Musings implores us to stop going crazy with birthday parties for kids. – As a parent, I AGREE 150%!

Grace writes about her frustrating experience of flying without a net. – I think it is great that she is helping her grandaughter out like that.

The Digerati Life has written a nice post on investing. – Yeah, it’s boring, but it’s still good stuff!

Finally, Tricia has some EXCELLENT tips on credit card safety. – Tricia listened to her gut and her gut was probably right.

On second thought…

I’m not done yet. There’s two more posts that I’d like to mention.

First is this really cool post from Single Ma on why she blogs. – It is really cool when readers get excited about stuff!

Trent over at TheSimpleDollar asks a simple question: Is a roommate worth the financial benefit? – Good question!

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