Kitchen Remodel Update – New Cabinets!

Here’s the latest pictures from our kitchen remodel. They started installing the kitchen cabinets on Thursday. You can click on the pictures to see more detail. The pictures don’t do them justice because they look incredible.

That’s my son’s hand sticking out from behind the plastic and my daughter’s yogurt sitting on the floor. The big hole in the ceiling is where they inserted a huge beam to support the ceiling since they took out a load-bearing wall.

Here’s a before picture of the family room, which is connected to the kitchen:

Although we loved the fireplace, it was too big and took up too much room. It also made it hard to arrange the furniture. So, we decided that since we were in the midst of a remodel that there would never be a better time to take it out. So,… we did!

Taking out the fireplace gave us an additional 6 feet of wall space to work with. On that wall, we will put built-in bookcases with shelving for a nice-sized flat-screen TV. The fireplace will be moved to a spot in between the family room and the kitchen, which will help tie the two rooms together and make for a really nice atmosphere. I’ll post more pictures later.

This is going to end up costing us a lot of money but I think it will be worth it.

10 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel Update – New Cabinets!”

  1. The DIY shows on TV sure make remodeling look QUICK and EASY. We recently remodeled our kitchen through Home Depot. It certainly was not quick but the result was worth the wait!

  2. I enjoy these updates JLP. Keep them coming! I am *very into* home remodeling and home projects. I’m a little bit of a veteran because I cannot help but keep fussing over features of my house even if there’s nothing to really fuss about. By seeing other people’s projects, I take the attention away from my own compulsions over my house. lol. But in a year or two, I’m probably going to trade my carpets for hard wood floors, but we’ll see.

  3. I recently remodeled much of my newly purchased house. My 8 month pregnant wife was the general. We joined and used the site to find many reliable contractors who did great work. Not to sound xenophobic, but my biggest piece of advice is to use someone who you can communicate with. We ran into problems using an electrician (thru a referral) who we didn’t fully understand mostly because of his poor English. We spent a lot of time trying unsuccessfully to communicate, and in the end had to fire him.

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