JLP’s Weekly Roundup (Week of October 1, 2007)

Another week has a passed. That means it’s time for another roundup.

Jim reviews How to Get Out of Debt.

Flexo has a guest post this week on how the weak dollar is killing American’s wealth. – “Killing” may be a little strong since more at play here than just comparing currencies. For instance, U. S. companies that export to other countries should be seeing a nice increase in income due to the dollar’s fall. That said, I am NOT an economist.

Ever lost a wallet? If not, Nickel has 10 tips in case you do.

FMF highlights “the” Christian Perspective on Debt. – Personally, I would have worded that differently because it sounds like if you don’t agree with their perspective, you’re not a Christian.

JD reminds us to ALWAYS check our receipts. – Good advice. However, a lot of times when I check the receipt I notice stuff that they FORGOT to add. This normally happens in restaurants.

NCN continues his 33 Days… Series. He’s now on Day 25 – Paid Twice. – You’ll have to read the article to understand what the heck he’s talking about.

Tricia announced that all her credit card debt is at 0%. – That’s awesome! Now each dollar she sends in goes directly towards reducing her debt. My wife and I had all of our debt at 0% for two or three years. It was awesome!

Bluntmoney has a short (and funny) list of gifts to avoid this holiday season. – I agree!

To fake or not to fake? That is the question addressed at The Digerati Life.

LOL! This from GenXFinance: Stupid Woman Sues Over Apple’s iPhone Price Cut. – Clearly this woman does not understand electronics pricing! Jeremy and I think SO MUCH alike!

And, last but definitely not least, Jonathan looks at how much better is your 401(k) than a regular taxable brokerage account? – I think Jonathan runs one of the best PF blogs around (although I get tired of all the credit card posts).

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