Kitchen Remodel Update

Well, our kitchen/family room remodel (or renovation) is nearing completion. Today they textured the drywall and a guy worked on staining the cabinets. Two guys stopped by to measure for the countertops, which will be Silestone in Brazilian Brown (the picture on the Silestone website hardly does it justice). They will send off the template tomorrow and then the countertops should be ready early next week.

Still left to be done:

  • Paint the ceiling and walls
  • Install the built-in cabinets in the family room
  • Tile the floor
  • Install the countertops and sink and fixtures
  • Finish staining the kitchen cabinets
  • Install the range and microwave

I’m sure there’s some other stuff left to do but I can’t think of it right now.

All I can say is I’m ready to get this thing done. Overall it is has gone pretty smoothly but I’m still getting tired of washing dishes in the bathroom and eating out most nights. I’m also tired of all the freakin’ dust! There’s dust everywhere!

More pictures to come soon.

5 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel Update”

  1. We got Stellar Night Silestone for our kitchen last year, and and love it as well. We use it as our backsplash as well. Good choice!

    Hang in there…it’s wonderful to go from all the inconveniences of a remodel to having an awesome new kitchen.

  2. Ditto re: loving Silestone, although ours is Tea Leaf w/flecks of green. Are you doing a “fancy” edge? We did ogee…We also have SS in our laundry room and on our Kitchen’s desk area…

    I assume you’ve already had the digital photos taken?

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