Kitchen Remodel Update – Day 15

October 11, 2007

As promised, here’s some new pictures of our project. Overall it’s turning out nicely.

Here’s the view when you enter the family room from the entry way:



The New Fireplace Almost Finished:

New Kitchen Cabinets in Process:

New Pantry:

Wrap-Around Bar:

The View From Where the New Kitchen Sink Will Be:

The New Built-Ins In Process:

That’s a big hole I’m gonna have to fill with a new TV!

As you can see, they’re making significant progress. It will probably take 4 or so more days to get the staining all done, then they’ll install the flooring. Countertops should be installed sometime next week. Then all that will be left is touch-up and waiting on the appliances. WOO HOO!

12 responses to Kitchen Remodel Update – Day 15

  1. Looks awesome, can I come and see it sometime?

  2. Chrissyp,

    Look, I don’t know WHO YOU ARE or what you want, but LEAVE ME ALONE!

    Just teasin’. For all you who don’t know Chris is my brother.

  3. Looks great so far. Hehe that spot looks perfect for a nice big LCD screen. Don’t forget to leave space to run power/video/audio cords in the built-ins. I see a lot of people plan to put TVs in their wall then have this ugly cord running down the side because they didn’t leave space behind the unit or in the wall for a power cord.

  4. actually I just took a closer look and you did put the power outlet and cable right in there. perfect.

  5. Wow, what a transformation! I am so jealous of your kitchen. I can’t imagine what an overwhelming, time-consuming ordeal that must be. I just replaced my countertops and got new sinks and hardware in my bathroom and kitchen (which are small). And that was expensive and complicated enough to deal with all at once!

  6. Now you just need a bear-skin rug in front of the fireplace and you’ll be all set 🙂

    Maybe that will get you your big screen tv!!

    PS Love the pendant lights in the kitchen (yes, it all looks great!)

  7. Ridiculously incredible improvement! Very nice. AFM dinner party?

  8. I was taking a 2nd gander at your photos…wouldn’t you want to rehang your frig door to be left-hinged? Seems like you’re going to have to walk around your door as you work in the kitchen…

  9. Stacey,

    Actually, our spare refrigerator is going out so we’re moving the stainless fridge to the utility room and buying the GE Cafe fridge to put in the kitchen.

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