Kitchen Remodel Update – Finishing Up

I’m going to wait to post pictures once the project is finished.

Well, after 4 weeks, the kitchen remodel/renovation is finally wrapping up. The tile floors are being installed as I write and should be done tomorrow or Monday. The appliances will be delivered on Monday and the Silestone countertops should be installed on Tuesday. Then all that will be left is the tile backsplash and finishing touches. By this time next week, we should be able to use our kitchen! NO MORE EATING OUT!

I’ll post the final pictures as soon as the project is complete.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I still haven’t bought a TV yet.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel Update – Finishing Up”

  1. can’t wait for the pictures. And I agree, eating out a lot takes a toll on you, both financially and physically. Hopefully you have been picking good places and not chowing down on just tons of fast food.

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