Do You Know Your Stuff?

I was watching Fox Business News yesterday and one of the segments featured an interview with a lady from the Insurance Information Institute ( They were talking about the fires going on out in California and what people should do to help prepare themselves should they lose everything. One of the things the lady suggested was to use Know Your Stuff, which is a program that users can download FREE of charge. The program is designed to help users keep track of their belongings.

I think this is a great idea. Another great idea is to go through your house inch-by-inch with a video camera. The video can be used as a reminder of what exactly you had should you ever lose anything in a fire or some other disaster. Just be sure that you keep a copy of the video in your personal safe or safe deposit box.

Finally, one other thing the lady from III suggested was making sure your insurance is updated when you make a large purchase. Yes, it will mean an increase in your premium, but it will also mean that you’re covered.

10 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Stuff?”

  1. As an alternative suggestion, you can go through the house with a digital camera and take photos of everything, then upload to a personal photo site and put it in a protected, unshared folder. then you can access it from anywhere, regardless of the burnt or unburnt state of your home and/or bank.

  2. Despite Faux News and Faux Business News spouting worthless propaganda and junk, this is actually a good idea for recording your belongings. However, updating your insurance for a big purchase is really dependent on your area, and may not be worth insuring.

  3. Esmo,

    LOL! No other station does that, right?

    I’m not saying Fox isn’t biased, but you can’t tell me the other stations aren’t biased the other way. Of course that may be hard to see if you agree with them.

    I didn’t mean for this to turn into a political discussion.

  4. Try this to help organize it. RedLightDepositBox.Com. The sites design is a collaboration of law enforcement agencies, specialty stores like pawn shops, second hand stores, etc, and citizens that would like a safe way to protect their valuables. Any one may use the site and works with a lot of different business types.

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