JLP’s Weekly Roundup (Week of October 22, 2007)

Nickel has some words of wisdom from Alan Greenspan. – I bet Bernake wishes Greenspan would keep quiet – especially when he talks about the state of the economy.

FMF highlights some mortgage advice from the Mole. – Normally the Mole is on the money. However, I HATE this advice! I like the mole and have highlighted several of his columns here on AFM but it doesn’t ALWAYS make sense to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible. Longtime readers of this blog already know how I feel about this issue.

JD takes a look at how much CFLs really cost. – I’m still not a big fan of CFLs (compact florescent lightbulbs) but I’m still buying them.

MBH with 8 ways to invest in yourself.

NCN blogs about how he and his wife bought their “new” family van.

Flexo criticizes the idea that we should’t tell teens too much about credit cards.

Jim with a guest post on 8 job tips for new graduates.

Meg highlights financial females. – It’s quite a list!

The Digerati Life with the worst mortgage in the world. – I simply do not understand why people would go for some of these mortages.

Lazy Man shows us how to save money by making our own beer. – This is something I might have to investigate if the price of beer keeps rising!

Single Ma lists some her goals for the next five years. – This is a good exercise. I need to do the same!

Lastly, Jeremy highlights some bad advice he heard in a radio commercial: you don’t need to save money – just use the equity in your home – My rule of thumb is if it is a commercial telling you something is a good idea, it’s usually NOT!

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  1. Maybe it’s my fault for using that as the title of the article, but that wasn’t my advice at all. The article clearly shows my criticism of that approach, not support.

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