JLP’s Weekly Roundup (Week of November 19, 2007)

Taking a week off put me slightly behind on my roundup schedule. Anyway, here’s a short roundup of the MoneyBlogNetwork happenings over the past week:

Nickel renews his distaste Dish Network.

Jim reviews 100 Minds That Made the Market.

Speaking of reviews, Flexo reviews Russell Bailyn’s Navigating the Financial Blogosphere. – I received a copy of the book today and will be posting a review shortly.

It’s a little late but here’s FMF’s list of things to do besides hit the mall after Thanksgiving.

JD has a guest post on how to save 15% on your cable bill.

MBH has six checkbook tips.

Finally, Episode 52 of the NCN Podcast is available.

That’s it for this week. I’ll post an expanded roundup next week.

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