“Share This” Feature Installed But Not Working Properly

Okay, I finally got around to installing the “Share This” plugin, which can be seen at the bottom of every post. It’s a cool little tool that will allow you to share any posts that you think are worth sharing (it’s also a great way that you can help me grow my blog).

The only problem is that when I’m on the main page and I click on the icon, the Share This window seems to be hidden behind the previous post as this graphic shows:

Do any of you experts out there know how I can fix this? Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I checked both FF and IE 7 on my pc and it is the same, based on searching around for answers it could be the template… I asked in the wordpress forum for more help as I installed on my site and it is fine in IE 7 but the same way as yours in FF.
    Will update to what I find out…

  2. i believe it is due to the and tags are being used in the code for the share this pop up.. not sure how to fix it.. maybe something “share this” people can fix?

  3. This isn’t the ideal fix… but if you at least want people to see all the options from the front page, make the following change in default.css:

    div.sharethis.widget {
    position: absolute;


    div.sharethis.widget {
    position: relative;

    This will affect it in the single posts, which is just no good.

    So then the question becomes: have it functional but not pretty, or not functional and pretty in only the single posting.

  4. Got a fix for you from Share This- and it worked for me!

    [quote]This is problem with the current plugin, but we will be releasing a new plugin that will fix this issue.

    You can try removing the overflow:hidden in your style.css file by following the steps below.

    1. Navigate to your style.css file by using Theme Editor in your wp-admin aread
    2. Search for this block of code that begins at line 678:
    .post {
    3. Remove the line “overflow:hidden”
    4. Click the “Update File” button

    Thanks for using ShareThis!
    ShareThis Support

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