The Top Ten Endorsement Income Athletes for 2007

First off, here’s a must read piece from the latest issue of Fortune: Lebron Inc. – The building of a billion-dollar athlete. After reading the article, I have a lot more respect for LeBron James. He’s a very smart young man! I like the fact that he’s using his on-court talent to build a real business. I also like the fact that his childhood friend is running the business for him. Now I understand why he’s such a ball hog!

At the end of the article came a list of the top ten endorsement income earner athletes for 2007. They are:

1. Tiger Woods – $100 million

2. Phil Mickelson – $47 million

3. LeBron James – $25 million

4. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. – $20 million

5. Michelle Wie – $19.5 million

6. Kobe Bryant – $16 million

7. Jeff Gordon – $15 million (tie)

7. Shaquille O’Neal – $15 million (tie)

9. Peyton Manning – $13 million

10. Dwyane Wade – $12 million – I never noticed before but he spells his name wrong! LOL!

It’s amazing to me that the top two are golfers. Surprisingly, there’s no baseball players in the list.

8 thoughts on “The Top Ten Endorsement Income Athletes for 2007”

  1. Great List JLP

    And yeah, Dwyane Wade spells his name differently. I once had a newspaper story bounced back to me by an editor because I had spelled Wade’s first name using the standard spelling. LOL
    My bad…I should have checked. Fortunately, the error was caught early.

    Wade is my favorite player and he’s also very smart with his money.

    I also like LeBron James. He and Wade are pals.
    They are a part of a great NBA draft class.

    I think baseball–sad to say–is on a slow decline in the states. My sons (middle school and high school) have very little patience with the game.

  2. Ever since I read that LeBron James met with Warren Buffett to discuss his investments, I knew that he was financially smart. He is in the position to combine his franchise with finance smarts to make a lot of gains.

    Kudos to LeBron!

  3. Tiger has transcended sport in a way that only Michael Jordan has done before him. (who probably isn’t on the list only because he’s not an active athlete right now.) The obvious answer about Tiger’s is the thing that surprises you: it’s about golf. Consider for a moment what sport is the most equipment dependent and probably also the most popular. (I routinely see people asking for golf related gifts, never for baseball, basketball, hockey, football.) Second, golf has still an “ordinary” feel to it. So there’s a way in which, despite their tremendous skill, these golfers still seem quite “like us”.

  4. It seems to me that Peyton has a commercial every two minutes on TV. I’m amazed he comes as cheap as he does. Michelle Wie making 50% more than him was a surprise.

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