What’s Up With Those Kleenex Commercials?

Imagine the following managment meeting at Kimberly-Clark, the makers of Kleenex:

Vice President #1 – “How can we sell more Kleenex?”

All the other executives sit there in silence, scratching their heads.

Vice President #2 – [with a shrug] “If only we could get more people to cry.”

Sighs and shrugs all around the table.

Vice President #4 – “Hey! What makes people cry?”

Random answers throughout the room:



“Sad stories!”

Vice President #2 – “THAT’S IT! Sad stories! All we need to do is get people to start telling sad stories. They’ll talk, get emotional, and need a…”

Vice President #s 2, 3, 4, and 6 – [in unison] “KLEENEX!”

And that, my fellow readers, is how we got those stupid Kleenex commercials!

3 thoughts on “What’s Up With Those Kleenex Commercials?”

  1. thats only step 1. The next step is to release a super strain of the flu…if everyone has a runny nose, then everyone will need a ….. “KLEENEX!”

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