Share With Us: What Are Your Goals for 2008?

Christmas is over and now 2008 is upon us. The beginning of a new year is a great time to do things like rebalance your portfolio, re-configure your budget and set goals. Today, we’re going to talk about goals. I would like to know what some of your goals are for 2008. Here are a few of my goals for the coming year (I’m not going to bother you with my gameplan for each goal):

1. Read two books per month.
2. Read to my kids for 15 minutes each night.
3. Go to bed by 10 PM and get up by 5 AM. – I’m typically a night owl, which messes up my morning schedule. It’s time I grew up!
4. Stick to our budget. – Although we don’t “blow” money per se, we could do a much better job sticking to our budget.
5. Eat better. – I need to consistently eat healthier meals and add more fruits and vegetables to my diet.
6. Take my wife out on a date at LEAST once a month.
7. Have fun and enjoy life. – I tend to be a negative person. Why that is, I do not know. All I know is that I want to change.

Those are a few of the more general goals I have for my life. I’ll take each of these goals and break them down into steps so that I have a plan for reaching them.

Now it’s your turn. What are 5 goals (or more) you want to accomplish in 2008.

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  1. 1. Grow my blog to 300 subscribers by June and 500 by December (or more!).

    2. Explore more freelance opportunities.

    3. Learn to relax. (kind of like your 7. I’m just too aware of things and it overloads me)

    4. Do some non-blog writing.

    5. Learn to stop procrastinating…

  2. I only had one real goal this past year. That was to be 12 pounds lighter than I was on Jan 1st. As of now, I’m down 16! I try to keep my goals very measurable and specific, otherwise they get lost and hard to shoot for. For next year we have several financial goals:
    1. Net Worth that is not negative
    2. Checking and savings balance at 10k
    3. Retirement plans above 15k
    4. Credit Card balances under 30k

    I’m also setting my fitness goal this year to get my body fat percentage under 15% (currently about 18-19%).

    The final goal is going to be home remodling related and to get the basement cleaned out and have the first floor and garage electric re-wired.

  3. Major Financial Goals for 2008:

    1. Debt free by December!
    2. Start/Fund IRA at least 50% by December
    3. Emergency fund of at least $5,000 by December
    4. Stick to my financial plan!

    My financial goals are a little odd in that I’m referring to my own PERSONAL debt, not including that of my husband who is covering the mortgage, son’s car payment (finishes in August/September), and the travel trailer. (He’s smart…he has no more credit cards…not since about 1997!)Once I’m debt free, I’ll begin making extra payments for the travel trailer to have it paid off by August 2009, at which time that money will be put toward the mortgage.

    Major Personal Goals for 2008:

    1. Unload 30# by December (just over 2#/month should be do-able)
    2. Limit eating out to no more than 8 times per month ($200 max)
    3. Silver Anniversary cruise (TBD) sometime during the summer!

  4. Financial:
    1. Max out IRA.
    2. Max out 401(k).
    3. Reduce discretionary expenses by $150 per month (less dining out / more cooking; fewer movies / more effective use of Netflix; less money spent at bookstore / more trips to the library).

    1. At least 4 quality posts (preferably 6-7) per week.
    2. Still be writing this time next year.

    1. Continue eating better, exercising more.
    2. Getting frustrated with / annoyed by little things less often.

    I expect the quantified goals (financial and blog goals) to be met. The general personal goals are probably going to be a little harder to achieve.

  5. uh-oh. i ended up making 21 goals/resolutions for the new year. the more specific ones wereL

    1. walk when possible
    2. study/research on enterpreneurship
    3. wake up early – yes i’m a night owl too
    4. think positive
    5. spend more time with my family

    happy new year!

  6. Money wise…

    1: Pay off my car
    2: Stay on my budget
    3: Take classes Winter, Spring and Fall quarter
    4: Max out my IRAs
    5: Double the magazine sales

    And for my writing…

    1: Have at least 5 stories doing the submision rounds
    2: Edit “Sword of Chaos” and start sending to agents
    3: Write at least one Spec Script
    4: Write a trashy romance novel
    5: Finish Year Five of AFiW

  7. 1. pay off our mortgage
    2. work on my attitude to better enjoy my job
    3. run half-marathon and lose 15 lbs.
    4. read the Bible on a regular basis
    5. impregnate the mrs.

  8. I read to my daughter every night before bed from when she was age 2 to age 13. Now that she is 20 I reminded her of this and she didn’t remember. Ha. Although I don’t regret it and highly recommend it in fact.

  9. 1. Grow my freelance/consulting business
    2. Increase saving and decrease debt
    3. Finish my bachelors degree in business
    4. Grow my blog
    5. Learn to disconnect from work when I am at home
    6. Improve my health
    7. Get more certifications

  10. (financial goals only)
    1. Save $15.5k in the 401(k) by May 15th
    2. Save $5k in the Roth IRA by January 2nd
    3. Save $2k for emergency fund by May 15th
    4. Save $14k towards a house down payment
    5. Pay my bills
    6. F**k having a budget; spend the rest on whatever I want

  11. 1. graduate college with a 3.5+ gpa
    2. get a job doing what I want, making decent money
    3. go to canada
    4. read at least 3 books a month
    5. get back on the paleolithic diet and on crossfit again
    6. write a kick ass senior thesis
    7. score over 720 on the gmat

  12. Hmm, goals for the new year:

    1. Create a budget
    2. Finish Saving (and Paying) for my wedding.
    3. Create an Emergency Fund of 3 Months Gross Salary
    4. Pay Off Credit Card Debt
    5. Begin AGGRESIVELY paying down student loans
    6. Enroll in MS program in Chemical (or if not possible, Mechanical) Engineering
    7. Look for opportunities to also get my MBA alongside the MS.

  13. 1. Fencing lessons
    2. Get organ donation project off the ground
    3. Be more involved with school volunteering
    4. Increase net worth by $75K

  14. 1. Grow to 500 subscribers

    2. Complete the Great Aloha Run

    3. Complete the Century Ride for the third straight year

    4. Compete the Honolulu Marathon

    5. Make a decision about the direction of my current romantic relationship

  15. Get a real job.

    I’ve been trying to develop an online incoming via my blog and a blog directory, but it’s tough to do without having a traditional career income to promote it.

    In 2008 I’ll bite the bullet and join the 9-5 club again. I’ll combine the strategies I’ve learned while living on the cheap, reading a bazillion personal finance posts, and try to exit the work world again in another 2-5 years.

    Best wishes for 2008!

  16. My goals:

    1. Start snowballing on my evil student loan.

    2. Lose 25 lbs by my birthday

    3. Break into freelance catalog copywriting for side income (profits to be funnelled 10% into savings and 90% into snowballing on the evil student loan).

  17. 1. finish my bleeding dissertation and get my Ph.D.
    2. finish paying off the credit cards
    3. double the emergency fund
    4. institute a regular exercise regimine (as opposed to the current scattershot program!)
    5. convert our VHS tapes to DVD

  18. 1. Go to yoga 3x per week.
    2. Create & implement a Plan for my blog.
    3. Get a raise.
    4. Buy no new clothes (I posted about this, and I’m serious)
    5. This one’s a secret…: Get engaged

    (I love sharing secrets on this blog apparently; people I know in “real life” read my own so i can’t always be 100% candid.) 🙂

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