OT: A Few of My Thoughts on the 2007 NFL Season

December 30, 2007

1. I’m sick of the Patriots. I’m sick of Tom Brady. I’m sick of Bill Belichick.

2. Shannon Sharpe’s voice pains my ears.

3. My beloved Raiders stunk it up again this season. Will they ever be good again?

4. Although the Raiders are my team, I find myself rooting for the Colts.

5. I like Tony Dungy. The man shows no emotion.

6. If Brett Favre and I are same age and Brett is considered “old,” what does that make me?…

7. The Vikings’ Adrian Peterson – WOW! (although he hasn’t done much the last couple of games)

8. NBC’s “Football Night in America” needs a different name.

9. Super Bowl Prediction: Colts over the Packers.

That was fun.

15 responses to OT: A Few of My Thoughts on the 2007 NFL Season

    2. While I can’t say Shannon’s voice pains my ears, he has horrible diction and I find myself wanting to change the channel when he speaks.
    3. Probably not until Al Davis is gone.
    4. Colts rooter also, although it is due to growing up in Louisville, KY with no local team to root for.
    5. Agree but because he is a good, Christian man.
    6. I guess I am not old yet as he has me by a few years.
    7-9. Agree.

  2. Thought you were from Texas?
    Ever heard of “THE DALLAS COWBOYS”!!!!!!!!!

    Super Bowl:
    COWBOYS over the Patriots(yankees)

  3. Mike,

    I live in Texas but I grew up in Kansas, which made it tough to be a Raiders fan with all the Chiefs fans around.

    I just don’t think the Cowboys have what it takes to get the Super Bowl.

  4. 1. Patriots make a better Americas team – hated by all
    2. Ditto. His style and tone are too much
    3. Al will never be gone
    4. no comment
    5. He seems to be a decent guy and coach
    6. Brett’s old for the NFL. He’s past middle age for most pro athletes
    7. Adrian is the most exciting back playing today
    8 whatever
    9 Patriots – they are hungry again

  5. 1. They’re an amazing team, so you’re bound to get sick of them. Like the Spurs or the Yankees. Your team will be get good again at some point and we will all be sick of them.

    2. Haven’t heard his voice, but you’re probably right.

    3. Yes, these things go in cycles. Some teams take longer to come around though.

    4. I wished Chicago had won last year. But yeah, the Colts are alright.

    5. I don’t like Tony Dungy. A great coach, but the man has terrible politics.

    6. You’re not old. Sheesh, the 30s I’m sure will be awesome (I turn 30 next year and am really looking forward to it.)

    7. Agreed!

    8. Double agreed!!

    9. Super Bowl Prediction: Patriots over the Packers.

    Yes indeed, that was fun.

  6. 1. Luck and skill has brought them thus far. If nothing else, offer a grudging admiration and enjoy good football and sportsmanship.

    6. Brett Favre is old for football – you do not play professional football.

    I don’t want to sound annoyed, but give credit where credit’s due. I hate USC’s football team not because they are really good, but because they are elitist, haughty, and Pete Carroll completely failed in pro football and acts like he’s the best. I like the Patriots because they demonstrate none of these qualities, and they are fun to watch.

  7. jlp you never know. for a midwestern laddie, we have at least 2 things in common. worked for schwab for 16 years in san francisco. and, was a raider season ticketer till the kids moved out. wife and i now go to cal bears games instead and watch the raiders when they’re not blcked out – like today. marriage has worked for us because she’s giants and niners. i’m a’s and raiders. SB prediction chargers.

  8. I’m a Patriots fan and even I have read too much about them this year. It seems like it’s the same story written a million different times by everyone.

    Living in San Francisco, I get to see a lot Raiders games. I have to say that other than Fargus, they didn’t show me much this year. One good thing about the NFL is that you can often see 4 win teams jump to 10 win teams. Cleveland had a season like that this year.

    I’m going to go with Patriots over Cowboys for the Super Bowl. The Colts are going to challenge with Harrison back in the fold. With Freeney out for the season I wonder if they can put the pressure on Brady (basically just using Mathis). Put the game in Foxboro and I think there’s going to be an edge for the Patriots.

  9. Esmo,

    Deep down I know you’re right but…

    I just can’t do it! LOL!

    Actually, my dislike for the Pats goes back to that playoff game against the Raiders and the famous “tuck rule.”

    The Pats are good. I’m just tired of hearing about it. Heck, they even had their own topic on the scroll bar along the bottom of the screen on ESPN. I’m sorry, but that’s too much.

  10. Don’t worry JLP. Financial planners can still operate at the top of their game even with bad knees…

  11. At least you aren’t a Detroit Lions fan like me. A lifetime of disappointment.

  12. Jeremy,

    Yeah, to start the season at 6-2 and end it at 7-9 is a big disappointment. I feel for you.

  13. Imagine being a Jets Fan and pissing the Patriots off with Spygate.

  14. You forgot one. Bryant Gumble is the WORST football announcer ever…..

  15. *GASP* You’re a Raiders fan????

    I concur with Mike. 🙂