Use Your Predictive Powers to Win a Subscription to Barron’s and Lunch With Andrew Bary

I saw this in this week’s Barron’s and thought I would pass it along. Good luck!

WANT TO PRETEND YOU’RE a bigtime wall street strategist? Then take our seventh annual forecasting quiz. The 2007 contest drew well over 1,000 responses. We’ll announce a winner for that one in January. Circle your answers; only one answer per question is allowed. No one from News Corp., our parent, may participate. The winner gets a one-year Barron’s subscription and lunch with me in Manhattan (or a $100 check for lunch).

1. Which U.S. equity index will fare best in 2008?
A. Dow Jones Industrials
B. S&P 500
C. Nasdaq
D. Russell 2000

2. Which market will perform best?
A. U.S. (S&P 500)
B. Japan (Nikkei)
C. U.K. (FTSE)
D. Germany (DAX)

3. Which S&P 500 sector will be No. 1?
A. Health Care
B.Consumer Staples
C. Energy
D. Technology
E. Financials
F. Basic Materials

4. 2008’s biggest financial surprise:
A. S&P 500 drops over 10%
B. Emerging stock mkts rise another 20%
C. Gold ends above $1,000 an ounce
D. Dollar up 10% vs. Euro
E. None of the above

5. Which laggard industry group will do best in 2008?
A. Brokerage stocks (BSC, MER. MS)
C. Homebuilders (KBH, CTX, TOL)
D. Retailers (M, TGT, JCP)
E. Airlines (AMR, CAL, UAUA)

6. Which CEO will no longer be at the helm at the end of 2008?
A. GM’s Rick Wagoner
B. Apple’s Steve Jobs
C. Morgan Stanley’s John Mack
D. Lehman Brothers’ Dick Fuld
E. Pfizer’s Jeff Kindler
F. All will still be on their jobs

7. Which top stock from 2007 will do worst in 2008?
A. Google
B. Apple
C. Potash Corp.
E. Monsanto

8. Which of these companies will agree to be taken over in 2008?
A. Echostar
B. Yahoo
C. U.S. Steel
D. Suntrust Banks
E. Sprint
F. Bear Stearns
G. None of the above

9. Which winning industry group from 2007 will fare best in 2008?
A. Mining (BHP, FCX, AA)
B. Offshore Drillers (RIG, DO, NE)
C. Beverages (KO, PEP, TAP)
D. Household Products (CL, PG, UN)

10. Name the top-performing stock in the Dow Industrials in 2008. (Including dividends)
Worth 2 points

11. Name the worst-performing Dow stock for 2008 (Including dividends).
Worth 2 points

12. Who will be the Democratic presidential candidate?
A. Hillary Clinton
B. Barack Obama
C. John Edwards
D. Someone else

13. Who will be the Republican presidential candidate?
A. Rudy Giuliani
B. Mitt Romney
C. Mike Huckabee
D. Someone else

14. Who will be the next U.S. president?
Worth 2 points

15. What will be the top-performing commodity?
A. Gold
B. Oil
C. Wheat
D. Corn
E. Sugar

16. Where will the key federal funds rate end 2008?
A. 3% or lower
B. 3.25% to 4%
C. 4.25% (current level)
D. 4.50% or higher

17. Tie-breaker. At what level will the Dow Industrials end 2008?

My (Andrew Bary’s) choices are:
1. A, 2. B, 3. E, 4. C, 5. E, 6. A, 7. D, 8. E, 9. A, 10. Disney 11. Honeywell, 12. B, 13. B, 14. Obama, 15. E, 16. B, 17. 15,501

We’ll name a winner at the start of 2009. All entries must be postmarked by Jan. 2 or received by e-mail by then. E-mail entries to

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Barron’s Editors
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New York, N.Y. 10281

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My answers:

1. C
2. A
3. F
4. E
5. D
6. D
7. E
8. B
9. A
10. Citigroup
11. GM
12. B
13. B
14. Romney
15. E
16. B
17. 14500