More Than 86,000 Mortgage Jobs Were Cut in 2007


More than 86,000 mortgage jobs were cut in 2007 because of the weakening real estate market, according to a new report released Monday by

Countrywide Financial Corp., (CFC, Fortune 500) the nation’s largest lender, shed the most staff in 2007. Net job losses at the Calabasas, Calif.-based lender totaled 11,665, or about 14 percent of all mortgage jobs lost during the year.

Source: Nearly 90,000 Mortgage Jobs Eliminated

I wonder how many of those jobs were created during the boom?

2 thoughts on “More Than 86,000 Mortgage Jobs Were Cut in 2007”

  1. Know what ? Ijust got word today that if i cannot get my house payments caught up by april my house is going into foreclosure. People are being ripped off by mortgage companies .I have a payment of nearly 1200.00 a month for a 35year old house it is ridiculous the way this country is soooooo GREEDY!!! May God have mercy on us all.

  2. The greed has gotten so bad that our whole country is suffering! Former President Clinton had gotten us out of debt and 2 years into the new Presidency of Bush got us in a bigger whole!

    And the government is looking out for the American people — what a joke! And how it trickles down to the average joe to pay the most taxes.

    Greed is putting it too kindly!

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