OT: I Don’t Like This Ford Escape Hybrid Commercial

I saw this commercial for the Ford Escape Hybrid awhile back and it bugged the heck out of me:

Hybrid SUV Commercial

It’s this part of the commercial that bugs me:

GIRL: “Hey Dad, I want you to drop me off a block before we get to the theater.”

DAD: “Sure.”

GIRL: “You know, it’s just because people in that part of town are riding bikes and have hybrids and stuff.”

The message I get is we’re supposed to give in to peer pressure. Right?

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  1. Right, what if the thing that she was embarassed about was not that she didn’t realize that Dad’s car is a hybrid, but that it’s a clunker and “people in that part of town are rolling in Benzes and stuff”

    Very different commercial that would be.

  2. Yeah. It also loses because it’s still an SUV. For two people going to the movie theater, they could be getting a lot better mpg and still have plenty of comfort and space. Or she could take a bike if that’s what her friends are doing. Couldn’t he say “Well fortunately, honey, we have a hybrid. But I’m sure it’d be good exercise for you to take your bike and that gets even better mpg.”

    Also, can’t she read? I mean, shouldn’t she have noticed by now that it says “Hybrid” on the back? Or does Ford not do that? Ok, end rant.

    I really dislike this commercial…

  3. @Mrs Micah:

    What if they only have one car and there are actually 3 kids and two adults in the family? Then I think that car is a good choice. It bothers me when people assume that everyone can just drive a smaller car. I drive a ford explorer, but I need an SUV for work. I have to carry around expensive electronics that wont fit in a car, and a truck would leave them exposed to the elements. I drive it around when not at work because I can’t afford two cars (nor do I have parking for 2 cars)My step father drive around a huge diesel ford but he needs it to haul his construction equipment. There really are uses for big cars, and its not always as easy as “well you could drive a smaller car!” I’m sure my step father and I would both love to save on our gas bills, but hey, works gotta get done.

    This commercial is pretty lame. It reminds me of the south park episode where they portrayed hybrid owners as being really stuck up and snoby to the point where they enjoyed smelling their own methane byproducts. Like Eric said, it would be considered repulsive if she was angry because she wasn’t in an escalade rolling on 22s. This just makes Hybrid owners seem like snobs, when in reality, most aren’t.

  4. Another reason to bring up storyofstuff.com . . . not driving a hybrid means you haven’t contributed to the golden arrow, and therefor are worth less than those that have. That’s the way society works.

  5. Is this any different than the Hummer commercial from a few years back?

    The petite mom drops off the new kid at school, and the kids say, “cool car” and slap the kid on the back or something.

    Few commercials about about making a rational choice.

  6. Well, the amusing thing to me is that the kid is so concerned…I mean, when my father first saw it, his reaction was, “If she’s going to be that way, I’d tell her to walk,” haha. Not only is it an odd commercial concerning hybrids, but it’s also not the best example of behavior for children.

  7. Though I agree about the peer pressure, I think the idea that you don’t need to talk about driving a hybrid is a nice message. In an era of greenwashing, you can just drive a hybrid because you think it’s a good thing to do (for the environment or to save money on fuel).

    That said, I still don’t like the way this commercial suggests that parents are supposed to buy cars based on what’s good for their kids image (eco-friendly or otherwise).

  8. Lame-o commercial. When the little girl told her dad to drop her off a block early, he should have told her that she could get off her lazy a** and walk to the theater. Save gas and Dad’s time. OK, that’s not going to happen on TV.

  9. “Never thought I needed to talk about it?”

    If Ford would advertise in a way that fulfills a consumers need for a sense of accomplishment, and self-actualization, they would be screaming it!! Ford pushes fuel efficiency. THAT’S IT. If they pushed for a better environment and “talked about it”, then they would sell a lot more hybrids to individual buyers. No wonder they depend on taxi and corporate company sales. Of course a corp is only worried about money. What about the people who but them for the right reason.. Those people buy Toyota’s and Honda’s. You couldn’t pay me to buy a Ford fuel efficient car. I buy fuel efficient cars from companies that care, and “talk about it.”

  10. Are you kidding? They’d be walking. And giving up their electric sucking video games and tv. Cutting back their shower time and not using the microwave for popcorn. One time of that nonsense and they would understand what conservation is.

  11. The problem with a lot of these auto commercials is that they don’t accentuate the positives about the vehicle. It’s almost like they are selling the sizzle but not the steak.

    That’s too bad because I own a 2009 Escape and I love the vehicle.

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