Beating Your Biggest Money Worries

February 14, 2008

Real Simple Magazine is featuring a six-part series on some of the biggest money worries people face and how to solve them:

Worry 1: I Spend Too Much

Worry 2: I Save Too Little

Worry 3: I’m Frustrated by High Gas Prices

Worry 4: I Don’t Know How Much to Save for Retirement

Worry 5: I Need a Budget – I’m actually mentioned in this part of the article.

Worry 6: I Need to Develop a Financial Plan

Overall it’s a pretty cool issue. I picked up a copy this morning at Barnes & Noble. I felt kind of silly buying a womens magazine but I had to get an issue since I was mentioned.

2 responses to Beating Your Biggest Money Worries

  1. Congratulations on the mention! I got my issue last night, but didn’t get a chance to read it yet.

  2. I also clicked on the Discover Card advertising and found a really useful site with videos and downloadable checklists and tips for everything from shopping to tax prep. Thought it was pretty cool. It seems to have some link to Real Simple as well.